The old road

Travelling is my favourite mode of live which I plunge into from time to time.

My memories, photos and thoughts from the places I’ve seen. Where will the road lead me next time?

  • Austria

Glossy Vienna

a very brief account of a brief trip to the glossy capital

  • Belarus

Relaxed in Polotsk, the Oldest City of Belarus

a nice little town with a long history

Back to 19th Century in Vitebsk, Chagall’s Birthplace

Belarus’ second oldest city

  • Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Blagoevgrad, Sofia and the Language

my first trip to the country and encounter with its two cities

  • Czech Republic

Prague’s Architectural Cocktail

winter wanderings in the capital

  • Finland

Black Currant Muffins, Vyborg and Lappeenranta

a flew glimpses of Finland in autumn

Lappeenranta in (Spring) Details

new details of the well-known city

Enjoying Indian Summer in Imatra, Finland

Finnish nature close to the Russian border

 An Autumn Day in Lappeenranta, Finland

the fortress, the port and lots of autumnal details

  • France

Nîmes and the End of Provence Trip

a tired walk in Nîmes

Heritage Days in Avignon

a heavy-stone history-laden city on Rhône

Tarascon and Beaucaire, on Bike and on Foot

two medieval towns on the Rhône river

Comps, between Provence and Camargue

a perfect location to discover Provence


the place where you feel as if you’re in a painting

Orange and David Gilmour

they found each other!

Piolenc Village in Provence, France

small village, small things and a slower pace

Marseille: Old Port and Traces of Civilizations

a glimpse of one the Europe’s oldest cities

Neverending Strasbourg and Chocolate Marble Bread

lots of pictures of Strasbourg and its restaurants

Provence and Tapenade on Crackers

pictures and impressions from Provence & Côte d’Azur

A Glimpse of Rhône-Alpes and Cheesy Cauliflower Soufflé

pictures from the Rhône-Alpes region

Petite Alsace and Petits Pains

Strasbourg in winter + advice for foodies visiting the city

some Strasbourg pictures from my year living in the city as a student

  • Germany

Back to Autumn in Berlin

or how to enjoy Berlin

  • Greece

Greece: Piraeus and Thessaloniki with Markets, Cats and Dogs

coming back to Thessaloniki old town and revisiting its markets

Aegina, Greece: Island of Enchanted Places

medieval churches, a fortress, a monastery and the capital

Aegina, Greece: Island of Sea, Food and Sunrise

first part of my ode to Aegina, my favourite island


food and cityscape of Thessaloniki

  • Italy

polenta cult in the Northern Italy

mostly on cheese and food in general

  • Russia

Moscow Winter Holidays and Cat Therapy

snowy winter in Moscow

Moscow Mosaics: The Stalinist Era

Hippodrome, River Terminal, VDnKh and a petrol station

Delinquent in Smolensk, A City on the Border

beware you architecture lovers!

Crimea in May: Simferopol and the End of Journey

plus some audio memories

Crimea in May: Funa Fortress and Alushta

my last full day in Crimea

Crimea in May: Sudak Fortress

going there with 3 buses and a trolley and running back

Crimea in May: Demerdji and Valley of Ghosts

a very crazy day in the mountains

Crimea in May: Simeiz and Yalta, or a Study in Blue

Diva, Koshka and the sea

Crimea in May: Fiolent, Balaklava and Chersonesus

with great views

Crimea in May: Chufut-Kale, Bakhchisarai and Inkerman

exploring the ‘environs’ of Sevastopol

Crimea in May: Sevastopol (and the Poppies)

Victory Day parade

Crimea in May: Nikitsky Botanical Garden and Massandra

can’t help falling in love with the Crimean spring

Crimea in May: Ai-Petri, Swallows Nest, Livadia

the three musts of the Southern coast

Crimea in May: Ghost Soviet Sanatorium

in Alupka

Crimea in May: Vorontsov Palace and Park

the beauty of the Crimean nature

Dunino, Zvenigorod and Moscow

discovering a private side of Moscow

Yet Another Getaway in Veliky Novgorod

an early spring break in one of Russia’s oldest cities

Yaroslavl and Rostov Veliky

two Golden Ring cities looking rather like villages

Ryazan and a Bit of Moscow

wandering in the snowy cities

Winter Dreams of Vladimir and Suzdal

two of the Golden Ring historical cities of Russia

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 10 and Last: 7 Time Zones Back and Roundup

plus some more Russian train trip tips

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 9: Vladivostok and Russky Island

with that very different nature

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 8: Breathing in Steppes in Ulan-Ude

and the biggest Lenin’s head in the world

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 7: Majestic Baikal and Irkutsk

the day we saw the beauty

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 6: Krasnoyarsk and Stolby Park

going deeper into Siberia

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 5: Russian Trains and Bored in Omsk

How To: Russian Trains

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 4: Siberia Begins with Tyumen

first stop in Siberia in the oil & gas capital of Russia

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 3: Zlatoust, Taganay Park and the Urals

beautiful nature of the Ural mountains

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 2: Samara on Volga River

moving South and East to the wide and long Volga

Trans-Siberian Trip Part 1: Moscow Old and New

walking round Moscow before setting off to Siberia

Oreshek Fortress where Neva River Begins

the “key” fortress which proved to be a “hard nut”

A Getaway to Veliky Novgorod

a much needed weekend away from the city

Rossosh, the Other Russia

visiting my Mom’s birth-place in the South of Russia

Black Currant Muffins, Vyborg and Lappeenranta

Vyborg and Monrepos park in autumn

Wiborg, Viipuri, Vyborg

the most European-like Medieval old city in Russia

Kaliningrad in Spring: Ships, Sea and Robots

revisiting the Baltic city and not finding it haunted anymore!

Vyatka, City of Snow that Dreams of Summer

cozy town in absolute winter

Revisiting Arkhangelsk, the Dying City

before it’s too late!

 Petroskoi or Petrozavodsk, Capital of Karelian Republic

an open-air museum of old architecture and a place for tasty cuisine

Yet Another Attempt at Understanding Moscow

what is Moscow, the huge capital of the vast Russia?

Kaliningrad: In Search of Old Konigsberg

how the authentic Prussian city peeps through the brutal Soviet reality

Rough and Tough Chelyabinsk – Legend or Truth?

Seeing Chelyabinsk for the first … and hopefully last time

First Trip to Kazan and Last Trip with My Job

glimpse of Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan

this is how the route from Novosibirsk to St Petersburg look like from the airplane

some memories from my short visit to Petrozavodsk in Karelia

Moscow and Courgette Pies

shots from my Moscow marathon

P.S. For the St Petersburg and the environs related posts, see a separate St Petersburg page.

  • Slovakia

Easy-Going Bratislava and Devin Hrad

Slovakia’s capital city in winter


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