Sweet Recipes

Sweet dreams are made of these SWEET TREATS

(gradually upgraded as new recipes appear)


Almond Biscotti

addictive crunchy-crumbly biscotti

Almond Puff Loaf

Imagine jam topping on éclair-like + a shortcrust-like cake…

Apple Banana Cake

a thin but delicate-looking cake with a lovely apple rose on the top

Apple Cake

a simple recipe which will make a lovely looking cake which is soft and vanilla-delicious

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

a not over sweet cake with well-balanced filling-dough proportion

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

soft yeast rolls which are also great with… apple jam!

Apple Pancakes

soft pancakes with rather neutral taste

Apple Tart 

a simple recipe which gives place for improvising a bit

Applesauce Walnut Cake

use apple jam for the cake and apple puree as filling and glaze

Apricot Oatmeal Bar With Pistachios

a very Mediterranean sweet treat

Aunt Alices Peach Pie

pie with runny & chewy fruit filling


Berry Mousse (Smoothie)

the shortest recipe on my blog – adapt it to your taste

Bird Cherry Cake or Tort Cheryomushka

a traditional cake from bird cherry flour, though exotic even for the Russians

Bird Cherry Cake or Cheryomukhovy Tort

second version of this flavourful cake


dozens of crunchy chewy biscotti with your preferred – or some unusual – flavours!

Biscotti meini or Corn Cookies

traditional Italian polenta cookies with orange or any other jam

Black Forest Chocolate Chunk Cherry Bread

soft chocolate bread with sweet cherries

Blueberry Cheese Danish Cake

an impressive cake – berries, cream cheese, glaze!

Bredele aux noix

traditional Alsatian sweet-sweet-sweet glazed cookies

Brownie Latte Cheesecake

a mixed cheesecake: a fudgy sugary base and a soft cheese top layer

Brownie Muffins

super rich, thick and chocolaty

Buttermilk Berry Muffins

quick, non-yeast and fool-proof, with your favourite berries and chocosurprise!

Buttermilk Blueberry Muffins

soft sweet and very easy!


Cake with Quadruple Chocolate and Tangerine Apple Marmalade

a super dolce (sweet) and morbido (soft) gingerbread-like Italian cake

Caramel Apple Cake

a soft, fragrant and truly delicious 3 layer cake

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars with Streusel Topping

will work very nice with jam instead of fresh apples

Cardamom Flavoured Cinnamon Rolls

pretty buns with an altered filling and rich glaze

Cardamom-scented Peach and Curd Cheese Cake

a wonderful tall cheesecake which is really cardamom scented!

Cardamom and Red Currant Cake

a very soft and fragrant aaaand tasty cake

Chestnut Coffee Cake

a rather curious cake with chewy chestnut and chocolate filling and sugary topping

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

a kinda tangy loaf with just what your brain needs!

Chocolate chip, Cranberry & Walnut  Sconies

chewy sugary kinda cookies of your favourite shape

Chocolate Chip Muffins

cute little muffins – you will want more!

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies

big chewy cookies with melting chocolate inside

Chocolate Chunk Challah

two braids, soft, chocolaty and zesty

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

a luscious though not over-sweet coffee & cardamom infused cake for chocolate addicts

Chocolate Glaze

easy and quick family recipe with basic ingredients

Chocolate Glazed Donut Muffins

easy-peasy muffins with simple and effective glaze

Chocolate Marble Bread

nice marble cake with rich chocolate part

Chocolate Red Wine Cake

boozy, very soft and syrupy cake

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

just don’t tell anyone and nobody will ever guess that zucchinis ARE there

Ciambelline al vino (Wine Donuts)

soft sugary biscuits with a very subtle wine flavour and a crunchy sugary crust

Ciambellone della Nonna (Nonna’s Marble cake with Oil and Yogurt)

so sweet and truly ‘marble’


jam rolled pastries from my Granny’s recipe book

Cinnamon Apple Pecan Hazelnut Pudding

apple cake with toasted nuts on top

Cinnamon Buns

soft and lovvvvely buns, to make any season comfortable

Cinnamon Roll (Apple) Pull-Apart Loaf

make a soft and sweet treat adding some apple jam to it

Citrusy Ricotta Tart 

a large cheesecake with a distinctive citrus flavour and curd(l)y texture

Cloudberry Cake

a not over-sweet soft cake with super-”crunchy” berry top

Coconut Red Currant Bread

addictive moist cake

Country Applesauce Muffins

spicy gingerbread-like muffins

Cozonac, Romanian sweet bread 

is tasty, not too sweet and really effectively huge

Crumble Tarte with Apples, Pears and Raisins

super sweet Greek-size treat

Cranberry bread

very nice, not over sweet and somewhere between a stollen and a coffee cake

Cranberry Cheese Kuchen

bring a twist to your regular cheesecake, and a very sweet&sour one!

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

zesty cake – ideal to put forward the sweet & sour cranberries

Cranberry-Walnut Bread & Muffins

love the addition of whole wheat flour!

Crostata alle mele cotogne sciroppate or Apple and Cloudberry Crostata

a super nice shortbread cake with soft pastry and chunky jam layer

Crostata di Marmellata (Italian Jam Tart)

a tangy pie with a tasty pastry that you can adapt to your own taste (and jam=)

Crostata con frolla all’olio extravergine, or Pie with Extravergin Olive Oil Pastry

thin pie(s) with zesty orange inside – or choose your favourite jam


Danish Chocolate Swirl Coffee Bread

tiny tight but tasty cocoa buns

Date and Hazelnut Muffins

with a hint of coffee flavour

Double-Decker Filled Scones

shortbread-like scones with sweet filling


Fanouropita, Byzantine Nut and Orange Cake

Greek-size moist and flavourful cake with a history

Flan de Queso (Cheese Flan)

a very sweet and cloud-like custard, you, sweet-tooth people, here’s a wonderful recipe!

Fragrant Apple and Pear Tart

a huge soft versatile pie and an occasion to use your leftovers too

Fresh Peach Pie

an unusual pie with a citrus & peach no-cook filling

Fruit Jelly with Agar-Agar

add your favourite fruit or berry for an easy dessert


Galatopita or Greek Milk Pie

an easy sweet, pudding-like dessert

Un gâteau simple et rapide et son glaçage à l’orange, Quick & Easy Cake with Orange Glaze

soft, really addictive and delicious citrusy cake

Gingerbread Cupcakes

flavourful, tangy, sweet & sour muffins

Glazed Blueberry Black Currant Doughnut Muffins

soft and ship-shape muffins

Gramma’s Apple Bread Pudding

use up your leftover white bread and apples and flavour it to your taste

Grandma’s Kolache

Czech jam pastries


tangy and crunchy and chocolaty

Gros Sablé Breton

a very sweet and crumbly giant shortcrust cookie from Brittany, France


Heidelbeerkuchen or Blueberry Cake

a cheesecake-like cake in need of a better crust

Healthier Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

are very nice and let’s believe that there ARE healthy cookies =)

Homemade Peanut Butter

thick chunky nutty treat


Improvised Black Currant Swirl Cheesecake

reminds me of the cottage cheese bake my Mother usually makes for dinner

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake

a very pretty lemony-coloured, tall and soft cake

Italian Plum Upside Down Cake

soft coffeecake with a sugary topping


Jam Envelopes

if you have nice thick jam on hand along with fresh yeast, go ahead

Jana’s Marmorkuchen, or Marble Cake

very laconic and simple, a truly German cake

Jelly Doughnut Muffins

rich and sweet jam filled muffins


Κέικ καρότου με καρύδια or Carrot Cake with Walnuts Cashews

a substantial chewy cake (+muffins) to feed a crowd

Korvapuustit, Finnish Cinnamon and Cardamom Buns

flavourful buns for a mug of tea


Koulourakia – Greek Butter Cookies with Sesame

whole lotta fluffy cookies with crunchy sesame coating


Lebkuchen, German Gingerbread

dense, brandy-flavoured gingerbread

Lemon-Blueberry Layer Cake

multi-layer super-soft and fluffy cake which has berries right inside the batter

Lemon-Gooseberry Bars

soft pie-like bars with a tangy summer berry flavour


Lenten Cinnamon Cake from Asia Minor (Νηστίσιμη Μικρασιάτικη Κανελόπιτα)

will make a moist flavourful eggless cake

Lenten Honey Kovrizhka or Postnaya medovaya kovrizhka

spicy heaven turned into a 2-layer birthday cake

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

ship-shape cookies with crunchy nuts and chunks of chocolate

Linzer Cupcakes

real Linzer,with you favourite jam


Macedonian Halva (Μακεδονικός Χαλβάς)

semolina-based little puddings with nuts


a crunchy Polish poppy seed roll with lots to chew on

Mango Upside-Down Cake

a somewhat large pound cake with soft fruit on top!

Medovik or Russian Layered Honey Cake

Russian pillow-like cake layered with sour cream

Moelleux aux Groseilles or Redcurrant Cake

sourness of northern berries & sweetness of summer days

Mohnkringel or Poppy Seed Twists

tasty not over-sweet buns loaded with poppy seeds

Mud κέικ πορτοκαλιού (Orange Mud Cake)

truly orange cake big enough to feed a crowd

My Friend’s Granny’s “Grated” Pie

from a time-proved hand-written recipe


The $250 Neiman Marcus Cookie

sweet and crunchy – though overpriced – cookies

Nina’s Vatrushka

get your samovar hot and boiling, take your babushka‘s homemade jam and enjoy!

No-Fail Pie Dough

indeed a no-fail recipe for a double-crust pie or two single crust pies, not necessarily sweet

No-Fuss Quick Russian Blini 

can be savoury or sweet

Nutshells Filled with Sweetened Condensed Milk

one of those teeth-killing recipes from childhood



Oatmeal Cookies with Sesame and Prunes

crunchy and sweet

Old-Fashioned Apple Slab

maxi-apple-fitting pie with very tasty pastry and soft-soft filling

The Omega(-3) of All Chocolate Cakes

very moist sponges for a multi-layered cake with your favourite filling

Orange Sweet Rolls

super flavourful when baking, super-sunny when ready

Ouzo and Pistachio Paximadia

sweet and oh so creamy (!) Greek biscotti with nutty pistachios



stick-jaw chocolate and nut bars

Peach Crumb Bars

zesty peach pies, soft and sugary

Peach & Honey Cake

a super-soft peach cake with peach bites inside

Peach, Peanut, & Olive Oil Cake with Vanilla and Lemon

soft sweet bread with crunchy topping

Peach Pie adapted into Peach, Apple and Banana Pie

certainly a very soft, tasty and oh so pretty pie

Peach Tart

a thin pie with caramelized peaches

Pear Clafoutis

moist custard-like dish for summer

Pear Croustade

a super-flavourful and super-crunchy tarte

Perfect Chocolate Cake

a real festive cake out of a very easy basic cake recipe

Persimmon Cookies

a batch of chewy, soft cookies with a new twist!

Plumcake al limone senza scuse (Foolproof Lemon Cake) 

a super easy delicious cake

Pretty Good Red Currant Coffeecake

big and country-style


will make a dozen of chewy spicy filled real Russian gingerbread for winter tea!


Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

super-sweet, over-sweet jam bars with a crunchy crumb

Red Currant Flan

a pudding-like cheesecake

Red Currant and Marzipan Swirls

very soft buns, with a combination of berries, marzipan and cardamom inside!

Red Currant Meringue Pie

a beautiful sweet & sour summer pie

Red Currant Pie

AMAZING pie, with a melt-in-your-mouth meringue, sour berries & a successful crust

Red Currant Pie with Ground Oats and Peanuts

why not, after all?

Reese’s Dark Chocolate Cake

very soft & rich deep-dark cake with unusual peanut frosting

Rozochki or Cream Cheese Meringue Roses

chewy cheese pastries with super-sweet meringue filling

Russian-style Pear Cheesecake

a soft but rich cheesecake with that very tvorog texture and flavour


Sablé aux figues pommes (Fig / Apple Jam Shortbread)

soft and crunchy bars with your favourite jam

Scandinavian Almond Twists

fragrant chewy buns with nuts

Sinful Midnight Cake

very very moist, really cool-looking and tasting super-chocolate cake

Sladkish s Praskovi

Bulgarian cake with peaches

Smyrneika Koulourakia (Biscuits from Smyrna)

soft and just super biscuits

Sochni of Archangelsk

a traditional Russian yeast kind of pie, sweet version with tvorog

Soft and Chewy Vanilla-Orange Cranberry Cookies

a very unusual combination, sweet and citrus, yummy cookies

Soft Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate

soft and delicate

Sorbet Two Ways

a sweet & tangy sorbet which is a nice way to cool yourself on a hot summer day

Sour Cream Snickerdoodles

big and soft cookies

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake

that I turned into Midsummer’s Black Currant Rhubarb Cake – delicious in any case!

Sugarless Fruit Muffins

dried and fresh fruit muffins with no granulated sugar

Sugarless Oatmeal Cookies

chewy cookies for those on a no-added-sugar diet

Sugary Knots from My Babushka’s Recipe

ultimate sweet treat for long winter evenings

Sunken Apple and Honey Cake

delicious cake with super-soft fruit top and tasty dough part

Sweet Buns

that I created out of a tiny improvisation from the dough for a traditional Russian pirog

Sweet Orange Rolls

are indeed sweet, soft, tasty and the aroma is wonderful

Swiss Easter Rice Tart

this pie is not your normal rice pudding. It  has NUTS inside, by the way!


Tarte au chocolat

delicious, delicate and an overall successful tart by Gérard Depardieu!

Tarte aux pommes à la crème au miel (Apple Tart with Honey Cream)

a large pie with crunchy apples and a soft creamy filling, not over sweet

Τάρτα με κρέμα και ροδάκινο, Tart with Cream and Peaches

a creamy sweet leaky but gorgeous tart that makes you savour it just like Greek summer

Tea Muffins with Blueberry Jam

smart looking muffins with soft jammy part inside

“Terty” Tvorozhnik or ‘Grated’ Sweet Cheese Pie

soft and crumbly cheese pie from our family recipe

Torta delle Rose

soft, buttery, pillow-like dough, with crunchy crust… addicting

Triple Berry Orange Shortbread

zesty citrusy cookies with much to chew on


Upside-Down Pear Chocolate Cake

rich, sweet and soft brownie-like fruit cake



Viennese Plum Cake

perfect early autumn sweet treat – flavourful plum pie / bars


Walnut, Date & Honey Cake

a chewy loaf cake with crunchy topping

Whole Wheat Biscotti with Chocolate and Pistachios

chewy, crunchy, sweet

Whole Wheat Fig Bars

jammy fig filling and crunchy seeds

Whole-wheat Raspberry Crumb Bars

crunchy sugary bars BOTH with fresh berries and berry jam

Whole Wheat Toasted Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

crunchy chococookies with toasted oats


Zemelakh or Sugar and Cinnamon Coated Shortbread Cookies

a Jewish recipe very popular in USSR

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