St Petersburg

St Petersburg, my beloved city

scroll down for photos, memories, history, architecture…

St Petersburg in general:

Some St. Petersburg Shots and Breadsticks

Mariinsky Theatre from the outside

St Petersburg the Great

lots of photos and some facts about the city that I love

St Petersburg the Great Part 2

even more about the city I love

Petrogradskaya Side, St Petersburg

a more detailed photo walk along the streets of Petrogradka

St Petersburg Sky and All That Bread

the inevitable cable against the sky…

Two Recipes for Your Loaf Pan

A bit about Apraksin Dvor, St Pete’s famous market

Cookie Time: Cheese Biscuits and Pistachio Biscotti

A bit about early winter in St Pete and the Lenexpo

Toasted Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies and Typical St Petersburg

a short walk around Palace Square

Easy Cheesy Biscuits for Summer Picnic in St Petersburg

a walk around Petrogradskaya side and a bit of Krestovsky island

St Petersburg Summer Sky in 7 Hours and the Heart of the City

the sky seen from the 23rd floor and a walk in Petropavlovka

Happy Birthday, Hep-i-Book’a and Glimpses of Summer

some summer shots of various districts in St Petersburg

Walking in Moskovsky District of St Petersburg

this Southern district can tell you about the great plans of Stalin

Tribute to St Petersburg in Spring (2014)

just a short post on St Petersburg

Discovering Cityscape with Cheese and Yogurt Biscuits

architecture of the central St Petersburg

Furshtatskaya and Kirochnaya Streets, St Petersburg

self-conducted excursion around metro Chernyshevskaya

Petrogradka: Modernism and Constructivism

fine specimens of two St Petersburg architectural styles

Petrogradka: Along the Embankment and into the Yards

more on the architecture in the district

St Petersburg the Magnificent

glimpses of St Petersburg on a Saturday night in late May

The Strangest Place in St Petersburg

close to Summer Garden there’s this authentic place…

Moskovsky District: Little Moscow in St Petersburg

investigating the Soviet realm

Backyards of St Petersburg

and what you might find there

Unknown St Petersburg: 1920s Workers’ Township

experimental garden city near Yelizarovskaya metro

Multiple Faces of Aptekarsky Island, St Petersburg

details, details, details!

Petrogradsky and Aptekarsky Islands in Details

even more details

Frozen Piter

winter in St Petersburg

Chestnut Coffee Cake and St Petersburg in February

shots of the frozen Neva and Hermitage

Spring in St Petersburg. The Beginning

we’ll walk together from the Summer Garden to Nevsky

St Petersburg in March

just a few early spring shots

Towering over Your Head: Art Nouveau around Sadovaya Street

castle-like buildings, gargouilles and owls

Working Class Hero: Down-to-Earth Vyborgskaya Side

avant-garde and art-nouveau on Lesnoy Prospekt

Vasilyevsky Island, Island of Men

with no men on the photos

Official St Petersburg or Along Bolshaya Morskaya

with a bit of Neva and Moyka embankments

Avant-Garde Architecture at Narvskaya Zastava

plus Narvskaya metro station

7 Days, 7 Views from Palace Bridge in St Petersburg

the title says it all

From Vasilyevsky to Petrovsky, Krestovsky and Yelagin Islands

12 km, 6 bridges and 4 islands in 2 hours

A Snapshot of Golden Autumn in St Petersburg

the title says it all

St Petersburg museums and interiors:

Working at the Hermitage. Almost

Photos of neo-Baroque and Soviet constructivism in St Petersburg

It’s Museum Time in St Petersburg

5 St Petersburg museums visited during summer 2014

The Other Side of St Petersburg Public Library

sometimes a library might be a true architectural marvel!

A Night at the Opera

two curious buildings on Galernaya Street

Running for Vivaldi and Pistachio Sourdough Bread

what it looks like inside the Smolny Cathedral

Concert in Rotunda and Country Applesauce Muffins

another St Pete church turned into library and concert hall

Three Spots to See St Petersburg from Above

observation platforms of St Isaac’s and Smolny Cathedrals + Etazhi

Indulging in Art Nouveau at Vitebsky Railway Station

you can read this station as a book on Russian modern

Sphinxes and Menshikov Palace

two spots on the Universitetskaya embankment

It’s Museum Time in St Petersburg Part 2

Museum of Ethnography, General Staff, Museum of Avantgarde and Museum of Printing

Museum of Political History of Russia

a place to learn more about the country’s tumultuous history

Rachmaninov at Church of the Saviour on Blood

celestial music in amazing interior

Vitebsky Railway Station through Engineer’s Eyes

more details of the amazing Art-Nouveau jewel

Public Dental Clinic in Art Nouveau Mansion

yes, it’s possible!

Bolsheohtinsky aka Peter the Great Bridge

early 20th century ‘laced’ bridge

Wintry Icy St Petersburg

the city takes on its frosty looks

St Petersburg Metro Stations

Avtovo and Kirov Plant: Unseen St Petersburg

in and around one of the first metro stations

Food in St Petersburg

Where to Eat Out in St Pete – A Selection

two national cuisine cafes and a time-cafe

Environs of St Petersburg and the Leningrad region:

St Petersburg the Great Part 3 – Environs

introducing some places of interest to the south of the city

Spring in Pavlovsk Park and Blueberry Muffins

Some shots of the early spring Pavlovsk Park

Girls in Kokoshnik and Russian Bird Cherry Cake

summer in Pavlovsk Park and girls in traditional Russian dresses

Midsummer Roses in Pavlovsk and Almond Puff

even more summer pics of Pavlovsk Park

Chasing Alexander Pushkin in Tsarskoye Selo

some of the summer views of Tsarskoye Selo

Gatchina and Dazzling Summer Sky

beautiful summer sky in Gatchina, yet another royal residence

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 1. Dvorets Kultury

first part of my guided tour round the ‘architectural reserve’ Kolpino

Gulf of Finland and Neva River

two symbols and strategic water ways of St Petersburg

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 2 – Izhorsky Plant

the ‘city-forming’ enterprise, Izhorsky Plant and its place in Kolpino’s history

From Sunny Greece to Autumn Leaves in St Pete

autumn sky in one of the parks

Sourdough Bread with Pistachios from Aegina

 misty autumnal morning in Kolpino

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 3 – Early 20th Century Red Bricks

in quest of old red brick houses and their stories

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 4 – Privokzalnaya Square

Stalin’s neo-classic style in its curves and spires

Staraya Ladoga, the First Capital of Russia

a village full of history

The Brilliant Peterhof, Russian Versailles

the pearl of the St Petersburg environs

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 5 – Around Railway Station

Stalinist residential buildings and their details

Architectural Walks in Kolpino Part 6 – Prospekt Lenina

the main street and its architectural styles

Spring and Art Nouveau in Tsarskoye Selo

what could be better?

St Petersburg Environs in May

Orlinskoye Lake and Pavlovsk

Oreshek Fortress where Neva River Begins

the “key” fortress which proved to be a “hard nut”

Repino on Gulf of Finland

cozy home of a Russian painter and the sea

Kronstadt, its Fort and Koporye Fortress

all in one day

Autumn in Tsarskoye Selo

before the wind took all the leaves down

Autumn in Oreshek Fortress and Dacha

the colours of autumn

Autumn in Gatchina

visiting the palace after many years

Tsarskoye Selo in Wait for Spring

serene, graphical and beautiful

Autumn and Art Nouveau in Tsarskoye Selo

a perfect match

Forest, Lake and Waterfalls

of the St Petersburg (Leningrad) region

Spring and (More) Art Nouveau in Tsarskoye Selo

4 more objects inspected

Bogoslovka, Osinovets Lighthouse and the Road of Life

an open-air museum and monuments commemorating the Siege of Leningrad

Duderhof and Taytsy Estate

Art Nouveau and an abandoned landscape park

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