No vodka required to make your life a little bit Russian/Soviet, just some tea and … RUSSIAN/SOVIET dishes


Authentic Borodinskiy Rye Bread

traditional dark rye bread with that wonderful rye malt & coriander flavour


Bird Cherry Cake or Tort Cheryomushka

a traditional cake from bird cherry flour, though exotic even for the Russians

Bird Cherry Cake or Cheryomukhovy Tort

second version of this flavourful cake

Black Bread with White Seeds

soft chewy brown bread with rye malt, with seeds of your choice


Carrot Patties

neat and almost melt-in-the-mouth patties

Chocolate Glaze

easy and quick recipe with basic ingredients


jam rolled pastries from my Granny’s recipe book

Creamy Rice Baked in a Pot

traditionally baked in a pot, really creamy, milky, soft and just delicious


Darnitskiy Bread

traditional Russian sourdough rye bread – a very easy recipe!

Dying Eggs for Easter the Natural Way

our family way to dye Easter eggs with onion peels and plants


Farshirovannye yaytsa or Deviled eggs

a vegetarian zakuska with mushrooms


Jam Envelopes

if you have nice thick jam on hand along with fresh yeast, go ahead


Karelian Kalitka Pies with Potatoes

pretty traditional savoury rye pies that are so good with smetana!

Karelian Pasties or Karelian Pies (Karjalanpiirakka)

very handy pies with super-thin and crunchy rye crust and a savoury filling


traditional Georgian ‘cheese bread’, great with any filling and of course better on the day of baking

Khachapuri a là Adjari (Khachapuri po-adzharski)

traditional Georgian cheese pies, almost pizza-like, in the shape of a boat

Khachapuri on Kefir

lots of small pies with really thin dough

Khachapuri with Herbs

chewy pies with wonderful pliable dough – roll, pie roll!

Khachapuri with Herbs and Cheese

a pile of small pies loaded with fresh summer herbs

Koloby, Karelian Pies with Cheese and Potatoes

traditional Karelian individual pies (similar to Shangi)


Lenten Carrot Patties with Semolina

spicy patties with paprika, onions and garlic

Lenten Honey Kovrizhka or Postnaya medovaya kovrizhka

spicy heaven turned into a 2-layer birthday cake


Mashed Potatoes, our family recipe

and also some tips what to do with your boiled / mashed potatoes

Medovik or Russian Layered Honey Cake

Russian pillow-like cake layered with sour cream

My Friend’s Granny’s “Grated” Pie

from a time-proved hand-written recipe


Nina’s Vatrushka

get your samovar hot and boiling, take your babushka‘s homemade jam and enjoy!

No-Fuss Quick Russian Blini 

can be savoury or sweet

Novgorod Borkannik or Carrot Pie

a traditional Northern (AND HUGE) pie with sweet & savoury filling

Nutshells Filled with Sweetened Condensed Milk

one of those teeth-killing recipes from childhood


Okroshka, Russian Cold Summer Soup

refreshing truly Russian dish for hot summer days



will make a dozen of chewy spicy filled real Russian gingerbread for winter tea!


Rozochki or Cream Cheese Meringue Roses

chewy cheese pastries with super-sweet meringue filling

Russian Pirog with Cabbage and Eggs

will make a lot, so be prepared for at least 2 pies (tall, huge and delicious) and some dough left

Russian-style Pear Cheesecake

a soft but rich cheesecake with that very tvorog texture and flavour


Shangi with Potatoes (Shangi s Kartoshkoy)

flat pies originally from the North of Russia, can be with a variety of toppings

Sochni of Archangelsk

a traditional Russian yeast kind of pie, sweet version with tvorog

Soft Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate

soft and delicate

Sourdough Whole Rye Bread with Malt

a loaf of dense fragrant bread, a nice take on Russian black bread

Sugary Knots from My Babushka’s Recipe

ultimate sweet treat for long winter evenings

Sweet Buns

that I created out of a tiny improvisation from the dough for a traditional Russian pirog


“Terty” Tvorozhnik or ‘Grated’ Sweet Cheese Pie

soft and crumbly cheese pie from our family recipe


Zemelakh or Sugar and Cinnamon Coated Shortbread Cookies

a Jewish recipe very popular in USSR

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