Brighten Up Your Lunch or Dinner

scroll down-down-down to find the links to the recipes, mostly vegetarian



Αλευρόπιτα, Alevropita

so quick’n’good (see photo above), it will be gobbled down with no problem

Apple Pancakes

soft pancakes with rather neutral taste

Αρωματική Χορτόπιττα (Aromatiki Hortopita, Aromatic Green’s Pie)

a substantial and nutritional double crust pie with greens and cheese


Baked Aubergine and Courgettes Stuffed with Roast Pumpkin

a sweet – from the pumpkin – but very chewy and really good cheesy dish

Baked Baby Potatoes

very tasty, with sour cream and some salad on the side

Baked Cabbage Wedges

a kind of sweet but definitely yummy dish

Baked Falafel

a lazier and fool-proof version of traditional falafel

Baked Stuffed Zucchini and Aubergines

tasty veggie ‘boats’ stuffed with mozzarella and lots of garlic

Blatsaria me kalambokalevro or Cornmeal Greens Pie from Epirus

unusual salty dish with greens in between chewy cornmeal layers

Borano from Adjara region in Georgia

a cheesy omelette-like pie with no much effort


Caramelised Onion Tart

quiche-like tart with loads of onion inside

Carrot Patties

neat and almost melt-in-the-mouth patties

Carrot Soup Puree

spicy comfort food

Carrot Tomato Soup

hearty and spicy

Cauliflower Cheese Tart

soft and cheesy with béchamel + vegetable filling

CC’s Greek Chickpea Soup

tasty cumin-scented thin soup

Cheese and Yogurt Biscuits

crusty scones with melted cheese inside

Cheese Pie with Homemade Phyllo Pastry

not the most effortless pastry but definitely a success!

Cheesy Cauliflower Soufflé (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

soft salty omelette-like soufflé with a secret veggie ingredient

Classic Sourdough Pancakes

take time to prepare but the result will be a pile of chewy thick pancakes

Cheese and Herbs Qutabs

Azerbaijani pies – chewy and vegetarian!

Cheesy Potato and Leek Bake

a nutritious, tiny bit sweet, soft and totally cheesy dish worth trying

Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread

helps you give your bread a very tasty and cheesy second life

‘Cream’ of Broccoli Soup

a creamy hearty vegetable soup without any cream, actually

Creamy Rice Baked in a Pot

traditionally baked in a pot, really creamy, milky, soft and just delicious

Curry di Zucca or Pumpkin Curry

sort of soup / vegetable stew, Italian-Asian style


Dying Eggs for Easter the Natural Way

our family way to dye Easter eggs with onion peels and plants


Easy Drop Biscuits

easy cheesy savory biscuits for the road!

Eggplant-Ricotta Bake

a very successful and scrumptious dish loaded with vegetables & cheese

Eggplant Stewed in Honey and Spices

spicy, sweet and definitely very flavourful


Farshirovannye yaytsa or Deviled eggs

a vegetarian zakuska with mushrooms

Felicity’s Perfect Pea Soup

very unusual


Garlicky Aubergine Rolls with Cheese and Olives

zesty rolls with melt-in-your-mouth cheese

Garlicky Cream Cheese & Buttermilk Biscuits

crumbly thick savoury cookies to go with your soup or butter

Gigantes Plaki sto Fourno (Giant Baked Beans)

traditional Greek spicy dish loaded with tomatoes

(Greek) Grandma’s Cheese Pies or Tiropitakia tis giagias

lots of pies with rubbery cheese filling – a Greek version of hand pies


Χανιώτικο μπουρέκι (Courgette and Potato Boureki or pie from Chania, Crete)

very nutritious and addictive, also enormous and can feed a crowd

Haniotiko Boureki (or Zucchini and Potato Bake / Pie from Crete)

a really soft veggie dish with a super tasty cheese crust

Homemade Ritz Cracker

a packet-full of chewy crackers

Hortopita me Spanaki (Greek Spinach Pie)

pretty spinach ‘snails’ with onions and cheese


Improvised Pasta with Zucchini

combining tomatoes, summer veggies and pasta

Involtini di Melanzane or Aubergine Rolls

peppery aubergine rolls with a hidden – Greek – ingredient

Isabelle’s Tyropita Baked with Agapi

savory pie with thin dough and white cheese + herbs filling


Karelian Kalitka Pies with Potatoes

pretty traditional savoury rye pies that are so good with smetana!

Karelian Pasties or Karelian Pies (Karjalanpiirakka)

very handy pies with super-thin and crunchy rye crust and a savoury filling


traditional Georgian ‘cheese bread’ but great with any filling

Khachapuri a là Adjari (Khachapuri po-adzharski)

traditional Georgian cheese pies, almost pizza-like, in the shape of a boat

Khachapuri on Kefir

lots of small pies with really thin dough

Khachapuri with Herbs

chewy pies with wonderful pliable dough – roll, pie roll!

Khachapuri with Herbs and Cheese

a pile of small pies loaded with fresh summer herbs

Khachapuri with Suluguni

flat cheese pies with thin dough and a similarly thin layer of filling

Koloby, Karelian Pies with Cheese and Potatoes

traditional Karelian individual pies (similar to Shangi)

Kolokithoboureko or Greek Zucchini Cheese Pie

a huge pie with chewy filling and a crunchy crust

Κολοκυθοτυρόπιτα (Kolokithotiropita, Corgette & Cheese Pie)

very puffy, soft and delicious – and really easy!


Lemon and Parsley Wheat Flatbread

perfect for various dips and accompanying extras

Lenten Carrot Patties with Semolina

spicy patties with paprika, onions and garlic


Mediterranean Vegetable and (Mint) Pesto Millefeuille

a pie with double salty cheese crust and spicy garlic-y pesto and vegetable filling

Melanzane in Carrozza (Eggplant Sandwiches)

an unusual Italian sandwich-like dish with two types of cheese

Μπριάμ (Briam)

traditional Greek really nutritious and truly summer vegetarian dish


No-Fuss Quick Russian Blini 

can be savoury or sweet

Novgorod Borkannik or Carrot Pie

a traditional Northern (AND HUGE) pie with sweet & savoury filling


Okroshka, Russian Cold Summer Soup

refreshing truly Russian dish for hot summer days

Onion Crackers

savoury crackers full of onions with much to chew on


Πατάτες Λεμονάτες (Patates Lemonates or Lemony Potatoes)

citrus juices, honey, zest, – these are just amazing baby potatoes

Πατατόπιτα (Patatopita, Potato Pie)

a very soft and cheesy pie, nicely crumbly

Pureed Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup

with potatoes and carrots, perfect for autumn


Quiche à la Tanya & Georgia

a vegetarian version (can be upgraded with meat)


Risotto con zucchine (Risotto with zucchini / courgettes)

creamy chewy risotto with bits of zucchini

Roasted Vegetable Deep Tart

a huge pie loaded with all the veggies this late summer can offer

Russian Pirog with Cabbage and Eggs

will make a lot, at least 2 pies (tall, huge and delicious) with some dough left


Savoury Oat Crackers

 salty crusty crackers without that much of oaty flavour, ideal with Parsley Pesto

Savory Zucchini Cheese Pie or Almiri Kolokithopita

tasty layered pie with cheese, zucchini and spring onions

Scarpaccia Toscana

a no-crust pie: so sophisticated and yet simple

Shangi with Potatoes (Shangi s Kartoshkoy)

flat pies originally from the North of Russia, can be with a variety of toppings

Sourdough Pizza Crust

rye + mushrooms are really flavourful and tasty together

Spanachena Banitsa

a truly savoury pie with a wish hidden in every bite

Spanacouscous with (Real) Feta

combination of soup-like greens with salty cheese

Σπανακόπιτα (Spanakopita) or Greek Spinach Pie with Whole Wheat Pastry

a pie with salty green-y filling wrapped in the pastry with tangy orange flavour

Spanakorizo (σπανακόριζο)

use your leftover spinach to make this Greek Lenten dish

Spanakotiropita se Rolla or Spinach Cheese Rolls

tasty flaky pastry and salty filling

Spinach Pie with Phyllo Pastry

a midsummer treat

Stove-Baked Potatoes

three ingredients needed: stove, potatoes and salt


Τάρτα λαχανικών με ψωμένιο φύλλο πίτας (Vegetable&Feta Tart on Phyllo Crust)

a cheese layer covering a mixed vegetable layer on a pizza-like crust

Tarte au Coulommiers

a substantial pie with that cheese flavor you just cannot imitate

Tarte aux Courgettes, Feta et Ricotta

a gourmet tarte with incredibly soft cheesy layer and tangy herbs

Tarte Flambée  or Flammekueche

a traditional pie from Alsace, most commonly consumed with beer

Τυρόπιτες και χορτόπιτες με ζύμη πεϊνιρλί (Cheese and Greens Pies with Traditional Peinirli Dough)

lots of hand-pies with cheese and herbs – or even mashed potatoes

Tuscan Bread and Tomato Soup

aka pappa al pomodoro,  a way to use up your bread that unfortunately has become too stale

Tvorog Pie with Greek Horiatiko Pastry

Greek-size pie with a soft filling and just enough pastry


Ualibah, Ossetia Brined Cheese Pie

a superb traditional Caucasian pie especially if you get the right type of cheese!

Ualibakh, Traditional Caucasian Fresh Cheese Pie from Ossetia 

try my version with leftover boiled white rice


Whole Grain Pizza Dough

great crust for a vegetarian zucchini + aubergine pizza


Yellow Lentils with Bulgur and Cauliflower

all-yellow and fiber + protein-rich


Zucchini and Couscous Cheesy Bake

an improvisation dish using lunch leftovers

Zucchini Pizza with Flax Seed Crust

a flavourful cheesy pizza with crunchy onion bites and soft puffy base

Zucchini Rye Pizza from Leftover Sourdough

when there’s some sourdough left, why not turn it into a quick pizza crust?

Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart

Salty, garlicky, cheesy and unusual!

Sauces, dips, spreads to accompany your dishes

Herbed Lemon Cheese

fresh cheese, perfect for your morning toast

Parsley Pesto

an anti-flu appetizer spread (with all those cloves + mustard)

Red Currant Sauce 

unusually sweet & sour, the sauce goes very well with meat and rice

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