Yeast Bread


(sourdough bread here)


Aish Baladi or Egyptian Flatbread

super flavourful pita-like bread


Baguette Croccante Homemade

will make soft though tight white bread

Baps, Scottish Morning Rolls

very easy and most flavourful buns


a lazy recipe which will make a perfect loaf, soft inside and crunchy outside!

Black Bread with White Seeds

soft chewy brown bread with rye malt, with seeds of your choice

Buttermilk Squares

flavourful and chewy buns perfect for sandwiches

Buttery Sourdough Buns

Flagrant butter  + paprika buns with the addition of sourdough


Classic Baguette 

3 supa-dupa-pupa baguettes with crunchy crust and soft crumb

Classic White Bread

I added some rye & spelt brans and wheat germ, which made it slightly brown=)

Corn Bread

airy and soft bread with crisp crust

Crunchy Seed Braid

super seed-loaded

Cuban Bread or Pan Cubano de Manteca

nice white bread crunchy on the outside and soft inside


Dan Lepard’s Green Onion and Sage Loaf

bunch of slightly tangy (because of sage) savoury buns

Dan Lepard’s Seeded Rye and Wheat Loaf

a loaf packed with seeds and energy

Dan Lepard’s Sour Cream Sandwich Bread

a remarkable loaf in all senses – very soft, nicely crusty and large

Deli Bread

soft and moist bread with mashed potatoes


Easy Fluffy Green Onion Sesame Rolls

green onion flavoured super-soft loaf

Easy Tomato Bread

a lovely loaf with soft texture and unusual – for bread – tomato flavour and taste

Ελιόψωμο χωριάτικο or Village Olive Bread

super soft and salty buns with olives and whole wheat flour

English Muffin Toasting Bread

no-knead and no-fuss, will make a small loaf in just no time

Everything Bread

a very nice flavourful bread packed with seeds


Ficelles made with Anis Bouabsa’s Baguette Formula

a thinner and shorter version of a traditional baguette


crusty flat bread and oh boy is it fragrant!

Four recipes for sourdough bread (links and my photos)

Up to you to choose the most attractive one!

Fruited Sourdough Sandwich Bread

a tight loaf with that nice touch of sweetness


Garlic Rolls

chewy savoury garlicy buns

Greek Bread with Yogurt

soft and almost creamy

Grissini or Thin Bread Sticks

a lot of crunchy salty breadsticks


Herbed Batter Bread

is easy-peasy and will make a small but delicious loaf

Homemade Pita Bread

a very easy and working recipe for the stacks of pita bread

Honey Grain Bread

a soft crumbly white bread with grains on top and inside

Homemade Village Bread or Khoriatiko psomi spitiko viologiko

huge flagrant bread with super soft crumb and yet all those healthy bran bits inside


Italian Bread

2 tight super-white loaves, baguette-style but the crumb is much denser

Italian Panini all’Olio

cute and very soft Italian rolls with olive oil


Julia Child’s French Bread

three salty baguettes, soft and crunchy – eat them fresh!


Kalamata Olive and Dill/Rosemary Bread

a two loaf recipe, with an easy starter and a certain Greek flavour in it

Koulouri Thessalonikis

soft and a tad sweet bread rings from Greece


Lemon and Parsley Wheat Flatbread

with their quite neutral taste, they are perfect for various dips and accompanying extras


Man’oushe or Lebanese Flatbread

very soft white bread

Moroccan Whole Wheat Bran Bread

will make one round flat bread which is amazing, with lots of wholesome bran in it

Muesli Rolls

cute really addictive buns with lots of seeds


Olive bread sticks

soft, salty and addictive stickjaws

Olive Rosemary Bread

is a bit different, with no starter, will make a small, salty but lovely loaf

Overnight Soft Herb Rolls

soft buns with lots of herbs inside and a tight crust


Pain aux Céréales

two flavourful loaves with crunchy crust

Pane a Spiga con Patate or Spike-Like Potato Bread

a giant loaf of soft and sweetish white bread

Pane Svizzero del Contadino (Swiss Peasant Bread)

super fragrant and rich in colour mini loaf

Petits Pains or French Rolls

soft but crusty rolls ideal for breakfast

Petits pains sans pétrissage or No-Knead Buns

a plenty of small no-knead no-fuss chewy buns

Peynirli Poğaça or Turkish Feta and Herb Filled Savoury Buns

little puffed buns with soft cheese filling


Quick Rosemary Bread

astonishing(ly) white bread, aromatic and soft


Raisin  Rye  Bread

will make a bit sweet but very tasty black bread loaf!


Soft Honey Seed Bread

really soft and chewy and just amazing for sandwiches

Sprouted Wheat Strawberry Bread

a VERY soft bread with a hidden virtue in it – sprouted grains

Stand-By Bread

two well-shaped baguettes without much effort

Stirato or Italian Baguettes

very soft and crusty, with those air pockets inside


Τυρόψωμο με φέτα, κασέρι και θυμάριCheese-bread with feta, hard cheese and thyme

 doesn’t take much time or much tedious kneading, it’s simple and delicious

Twisted Bread

soft baguette-like bread with no fuss


Whole Wheat Bread with Wheat Germ and Rye

two loaves of wholewheat bread with sprouted grains


Yeasted Corn Bread

for a gorgeous soft and tasty bread or several rolls, as you wish


Zopako (or Basque Soup Bread)

a real artisan loaf, wonderfully soft inside and crunchy outside

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