On Russia


The posts on the Russian / Soviet history, traditions and their impact on our post-Soviet life

scroll down to find the links to the posts listed in the order of appearance

  1. Born in USSR or Some Soviet Reflections – five facts about what it means to be born in USSR
  2. Post-Soviet Era Eccentricities and Kitschsix photos from the after-USSR life in my industrial suburb
  3. Introduction to Soviet creativity and practicality where you will learn the essentials on such staples as prostokvasha and dacha
  4. Some Soviet things for a changewith some shots from the iconic Detskoye pitanie
  5. Persimmon Cookies and Introduction into Soviet New Yearthe first part of the Saga on the Soviet New Year
  6. Pryaniki for Cozy Winter Home-Staying and Soviet New Year – the second part of the Saga on the Soviet New Year
  7. Soviet New Year Saga Continued… with Olivier and Herring – continuing the New Year Saga with the most popular meals for the festive table
  8. 4 White Breads and Old New Year – the fourth and last part of the New Year Saga – about the odd thing called Old New Year
  9. Tough and Rakish 90s in USSR / Russiathe most difficult period that happened to be also my childhood years
  10. Moscow and Courgette Pies – some reflections on the most Soviet capital in the world
  11. Soft Honey Seed Bread – just a bit about bulochki and their importance =)
  12. Ramble Onsome memories from my Perestroyka-early 90s childhood years
  13. Those Were the Days or 90s in Russia Continued – more on 90s + some statistics on the 1990s in Russia
  14. All the Soviet Children… – some music of my Soviet childhood which is so dear to me
  15. Let Me Invite You into the New Year – the New Year saga continued – on the New Year tree decorations mostly
  16. Join the Soviet New Year Table – the dishes that united the festive tables in various spots of the USSR
  17. Soviet Kitchen Heirloomsome of the objects inherited from the Soviet kitchen, explained
  18. On Soviet Children’s Books and Moreabout the book which taught Soviet children to wash their hands
  19. Caucasian Cheese Pie and Some Winter ReflectionsMy review of the action-packed 20th century in our country in one sentence
  20. 2,800 km of Russia Seen from Above2,800 km journey above Russia in photos – from Novosibirsk to Moscow
  21. First Trip to Kazan and Last Trip with My Jobvisit to the Soviet Lifestyle Museum in Kazan
  22. Dying Eggs for Easter the Natural WayEaster in our family
  23. Girls in Kokoshnik and Russian Bird Cherry Caketraditional Russian women costume explained
  24. Ochered and Buterbrod, Two Essentials of Soviet Life – two musts of the Soviet times explained – queue and open sandwich
  25. Rough and Tough Chelyabinsk – Legend or Truth? – visit to local history museum in Chelyabinsk
  26. Yet Another Attempt at Understanding Moscow – what is Moscow, the huge capital of the vast Russia?
  27. Best Soviet Winter Movies. About Food Too! – the title speaks for itself!
  28. Walking in Moskovsky District of St Petersburg – great architectural plans of Stalin and emblematic Soviet cars
  29. Breaking up of the Soviet Union – and what I think about it
  30. On Siege of Leningrad and Victory Day – what it means to me
  31. Staraya Ladoga, the First Capital of Russia – a village full of history
  32. Midsummer: Samovar, Teacups and Saucers – on the ineradicable tea drinking habit in Russia
  33. Museum of Political History of Russia – a place to learn more about the country
  34. Dacha Relics and Tribute to Soviet Children’s Encyclopedia
  35. Rossosh, the Other Russiavisiting my Mom’s birth-place in the South of Russia
  36. Rachmaninov at Church of the Saviour on Bloodcelestial music in amazing interior
  37. A Getaway to Veliky Novgorod – a much needed weekend away from the city
  38. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 1: Moscow Old and New – c’est parti, here we go, Siberia!
  39. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 2: Samara on Volga River – moving South and East to the wide and long Volga
  40. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 3: Zlatoust, Taganay Park and the Urals – beautiful nature of the Ural mountains
  41. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 4: Siberia Begins with Tyumen – first stop in Siberia in the oil & gas capital of Russia
  42. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 5: Russian Trains and Bored in OmskHow To: Russian Trains
  43. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 6: Krasnoyarsk and Stolby Park – going deeper into Siberia
  44. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 7: Majestic Baikal and Irkutsk – the day we saw the beaut
  45. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 8: Breathing in Steppes in Ulan-Ude – and the biggest Lenin’s head in the world
  46. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 9: Vladivostok and Russky Island – and how diverse one’s country can be
  47. Trans-Siberian Trip Part 10 and Last: 7 Time Zones Back and Roundup – plus some more Russian train trip tips
  48. Yaroslavl and Rostov Veliky – two of the most visited Golden Ring cities of Russia looking rather like villages
  49. Midsummer Post about the Best Russian Ice Creamsakharnaya trubochka from Leningrad
  50. Russian Handmade Dolls – rag-dolls that transmit the warmth of your hands

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