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 mememeMy name is Georgia, I’m a passionate but totally amateur baker living in Russia.

You might be wondering what this “hep-i-book’a” stands for? It is actually a transliteration of two Russian words meaning bread and… bread (Хеп и Бука) but spelled in the way I used to say it when I was a child. It turned out – by chance – to contain two English words: I would really like to become a ‘hep‘ in cooking and ‘book‘ is what accompanies my life along with music and travelling.

Hey, you already know quite a few things about me! My baking-cooking obsession actually grew out of my being bored with writing my Bachelor thesis, when my creativity was desperately searching for the way out; however as it is simply incurable it continues every day now, giving me a simple joy of creation.

I will add that I live and work in gorgeous St. Petersburg (aka Peter), the city of white nights and endless architectural marvels. Apart from Russia and its turbulent history, the countries of my food & travel interest are France and Greece.

    I hope to share with you my passion for cooking and St Petersburg!

Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to contact me.


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