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Autumn in Gatchina


if I were an artist, I would paint autumn. In our parts an artist needs to be very swift cause autumn does not linger for long and you’d have to paint from memory!


This post continues (and most probably concludes) the “Autumn in…” series. We went to Gatchina, a somewhat neglected royal residence to the south-west of St Petersburg. It is a town in the Leningrad region mainly famous for its palace and beautiful (and big) park. Gatchina with its palace looking like a medieval castle used to be one of the royal family’s favourite places to escape from the capital where they felt not that easy at times.


It’s been a while since I last (and for the first time) went to the palace which is a museum now though we’ve visited the park relatively recently. In summer it’s gorgeous… In winter it all seems to be just lost in snow. I remember that when we went there in winter we got stranded in the park trying to get away from the ski tracks 🙂


The palace is still undergoing renovation after all those years of neglect and its being completely ruined during the war. It was built in the second half of the 18th century by (certo!) an Italian architect Antonio Rinaldi.


It has an underground passage where the tourist guides would diligently stop and tell their chilled (it’s cold down there!) listeners all the legends about it (it was built for mere entertainment though) and would make them repeat some phrases which would then be repeated by the echo.


I can hardly remember anything from our visit to the palace with my schools years ago apart from the fact that we were greeted by the emperor Pavel the First and his wife and then set off to treasure hunting (I cannot even recall what exactly we found in the palace after all!). But it’s obvious that the work is going on and more rooms are now open. We liked the third floor most cause it represents a somewhat nearer-to-us life, that of Alexander III and his family, i.e. late 19th century.


Just when we were ready to go wander in the park, the sun came out though the wind remained. Soon oh so soon it will all be covered with snow. But now there was this autumnal sunlight that doesn’t already shine but… pours? flows? It definitely feels like it’s much more thick than that of summer, if you know what I mean.


It was a pity leaving the park with all that sun in the sky but the temperature and the wind wouldn’t let us stay long. What should we visit next time?

This post goes to the St Petersburg series. And I’m going to travel tomorrow in the wee hours.



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