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Autumn in Oreshek Fortress and Dacha

Oreshek in Autumn

While it’s snowing outside (first snow in St Petersburg today) I’m continuing the “Autumn in…” series with Oreshek Fortress and our dacha which are relatively close to each other. This time we went to Oreshek with a train which stops almost at the pier from where there’s a boat on which you can get to the island.

Oreshek in Autumn

It was a super windy day but there was sun which brightened the things up and made us stubbornly wind-resistant. The Neva looked very agitated – even more so than in May earlier this year:

Oreshek in Autumn

This is where the river Neva takes its start, flowing right from the Ladoga Lake. And it just crashes into the island with all its force. The island actually looks (and feels) like a ship forever moored right in the middle of the river.

Oreshek in Autumn

The rusty colours of autumn.

Oreshek in Autumn

…and the mossy colours of autumn:

Oreshek in Autumn

And at our dacha – the never-ending apple story that we’ve got ourselves up until ears this year. That day we’ve raked (a new word for me but definitely not at all a new activity!) a lot all the dead leaves and it felt good. Really good.

Dacha in Late Autumn

the dying colours of autumn:

Dacha in Late Autumn

the withered colours of autumn:

Dacha in Late Autumn

and a sudden pink delight:

Dacha in Late Autumn

delightful from all sides:

Dacha in Late Autumn

More “autumn in…” posts are coming soon.

Adding this post to the St Petersburg collection.



2 thoughts on “Autumn in Oreshek Fortress and Dacha

  1. Snow? Here it is like summer again, leaves already turned red, orange, brown, and yellow, but temperature rises to 86°F tomorrow. Usually, at this time of the year, it should be time to wear long tights, now we wear spandex. Climate really seems to change. I enjoy reading your blog and look at the great pictures a lot (when I have time). Some warm wishes to my glyka geraki mou.

    1. Hello my dear! I’m still waiting for your English version of the blog 🙂 Cause Google-translated texts are never good to read, hehe. Wow, your current place seem to be a real warm harbour! I can almost imagine how cozy and beautiful it should be. Lots of love from St Pete!

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