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Pillow-like Corn Bread

Corn Bread

This recipe has been in my ‘to-do’ collection for years. And now that I’ve made it I’m impressed! So super airy and soft – and so very sunny, like a yellow pillow 🙂

Corn Bread

I’ve made it with polenta (corn meal here in Russia is either too fine or too grainy, like grits) and I liked the color and the texture it gave to the bread. Be aware though that this bread requires a poolish so it will take some time before it gets to your table:

Corn Bread

The author of this recipe says it comes from North America, where corn is one of the main food sources. So let’s say this is yet another country-specific recipe to my collection!

Corn Bread

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Corn Bread adapted from will make an airy and soft bread with a crisp crust and tiny yellow grains inside. For the entire recipe click on the link.

My changes and remarks:

Used polenta instead of corn flour (corn meal); did not use any couche to proof the bread, just left it covered after shaping.

I enjoyed the process of creating the pattern on top of the loaves: you’re first dusting it with flour except for a strip in the middle (I used a ruler instead of a strip of paper) and then scoring to make it look like a kernel. It didn’t come out that very kernel-like in my case though.

Corn Bread

And just as any super-soft bread expect this one to dry out pretty fast (I mean it!). So if you’re intending to make the entire recipe, be sure to freeze the ‘extra’ loaves. I froze one (and good for me – as I had to reshoot it after accidentally deleting all my pictures of the other two loaves).

Corn Bread

Result: This bread will make soft slices with crunchy-crispy crust (that will most definitely break into pieces), perfect for morning. It doesn’t have a very distinct flavour but the colour is visible:

Corn Bread

Golden crust and yellow crumb:

Corn Bread

This post goes to my Yeast Bread and By Country collections.



6 thoughts on “Pillow-like Corn Bread

  1. Perfect recipe for out next bread here. Bought corn meal today, every simple bread I bake is gone within not even a day.

      1. Traditional…which I didn’t like at all. I didn’t pay attention that it was self-rising flour which tastes… unnaturally

      2. yeah, I know! We rarely find it in Russia but I know they use it in ready mixes. Better just mix all-purpose flour with baking powder and some salt (and soda).

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