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Pear Croustade and Pane Tipo Altamura

Pane Tipo Altamura from

Sharing with you two recipes I’ve tried recently. That was a rather gloomy day (typical St Petersburg!) which of course did not prevent us from enjoying the food 🙂 Let’s start with the sweet part of the post (how untypical!).

Pear Croustade from

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Pear Croustade adapted from will make a super-flavourful and super-crunchy tarte! Check out the link to get the entire recipe.

My changes: Used 3 pears without peeling. Did not add lemon juice or allspice, just the ground anise seeds.

Pear Croustade from

Remarks: A croustade (typically made with apples in France) is supposed to be crunchy so do not worry if your crust is too thin, it will work out perfectly fine! The original recipe comes from USA though, but I can imagine such a croustade being perfectly French too. I was lazy enough to grate some allspice over the pears but I guess the two spices would taste even more untypical in this pie!

Pear Croustade from

Result: Soft pears on a crunchy crust! A very untypical combination of anise and pears will make this pie disappear too fast 🙂 It’s rustic and at the same time sophisticated – or rather, delicate.

Pear Croustade from


After a French-American recipe, here’s some Italian bread made with rye sourdough culture. A huge loaf with white crumb and air bubbles:

Pane Tipo Altamura from

Pane Tipo Altamura or Altamura Bread adapted from will make a giant loaf of crumbly white bread. For the entire recipe please visit the original website (where you will find lots of other great recipes like Soder Light Rye or Pane di Ceci for example).

My changes: Fed my rye sourdough culture with whole wheat flour which resulted in a slightly less white color of the crumb. Used all purpose flour instead of high protein white wheat flour.

Pane Tipo Altamura from

Remarks: I guess I overproofed my loaf (the second rise) and when I turned it over onto the hot baking sheet it just became very flat. However, with the high temperature and all, it rose and there were all those air bubbles inside too! Due to this flattening I got a giant loaf which I had to cut in four so that it fits into the freezer!

Pane Tipo Altamura from

Result: Crumbly though quite thick this white bread from Italy will make great sandwiches and also impress everyone with its size! 🙂 You can tell that there’s more to it than just plain white flour from the meaty crumb and a somewhat different texture overall. The crust is chewy and there were no unbaked spots!

Pane Tipo Altamura from

My new job is keeping me busy all the time but I can tell you one thing: I am in love with the city center once again! Walking from Nevsky to that spot where Fontanka and Neva meet each other, with the leaves falling and the clear air, almost touristless sights (too early) and bridges-bridges-bridges… Well, I love you St Pete!

Adding these recipes to Sweet, Sourdough and Country-specific collections.


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