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Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart Plus a Bonus Recipe

Pasta with Zucchini

The zucchini / courgette season is here! And with it – a small vegetarian party with each new recipe. I’ve recently baked a very unusual pie that I would like to share with you. And there will be a bonus recipe at the end too!

Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart from www.tasteandtellblog.com

I have been postponing this recipe for quite a lot of time, thinking that it should definitely take up some time and effort. You see, I’m usually avoiding the pastry pies as they seem trickier to me than the yeast dough pies. However this tart – with all the pastry making, chilling, grating and even egg-breaking – is surprisingly easy and fun to make!

Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart from www.tasteandtellblog.com

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Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart adapted from www.tasteandtellblog.com will make two portions of an unusual pie with a khachapuri-like looks but a completely different taste! Go to the link to get the entire recipe.

My changes: I guess I accidentally added more salt to the dough and definitely used more water. Instead of mincing the garlic, I grated it finely plus used Suluguni instead of Parmesan. My filling was rather abundant so I skipped the egg-wash (the edges of the crust were anyway too narrow) and as a result used just 2 eggs. I chilled the dough for more than an hour, while straining the grated zucchini. I also switched on the fan option during the last minutes of baking.

Zucchini, Tomato and Egg Tart from www.tasteandtellblog.com

Remarks: I rolled the pastry out quite thin as there was a lot of filling but it turned out to be quite resistant to the zucchini juices. The pie reminded us of khachapuri because of the egg on top of it (as in the famous boat-like Adjari version of khachapuri) and also because I used the traditional Georgian cheese Suluguni 🙂

Result: Salty, garlicky, cheesy. Neutral pastry. A curious recipe! My expert samplers (family) were a bit perplexed at first too but then seemed to dig in and declared they liked it. The egg and the grated zucchini-cheese filling in combination with the pastry and the tomatoes do make this pie recipe stand out of the crowd!

And here’s a forkful of the bonus:

Pasta with Zucchini

Improvised Pasta with Zucchiniyet another vegetarian dish I made using leftover crushed tomatoes and fresh veggies. There are hardly any precise indications as how many of what to use, but I’m sure you will figure it all out!


  • pasta
  • carrots
  • zucchini / courgette
  • onion
  • several Tbs of crushed tomatoes
  • soy sauce
  • salt, pepper, your favourite seasoning
  • dry oregano
  • turmeric
  • fresh herbs


First I sauteed chopped up onions and carrots in some (Greek) olive oil and then threw in thinly sliced zucchini. Then I added the crushed tomatoes and the soy sauce and later pasta and enough water to cover it- you will cook it all at one go, so use a large deep pan. I cooked the lot covered, occasionally stirring it and eventually seasoning with Adygea salt (a mix of salt, pepper, Caucasian herbs and dried garlic) and turmeric. Just before switching the heat off, I sprinkled some oregano on top. You can serve the dish with fresh herbs and also farmer’s cheese, if you like.

Pasta with Zucchini

Remarks: I rarely use tomatoes in my cooking as I don’t really like them. But after making – finally – some pretty basic pizza (by this I mean not overloading it with topping, just crushed tomatoes, cheese and herbs) I had leftover crushed tomatoes which I though will add some juiciness to the pasta. Just try not to overcook it and add enough water to keep more of this tomato + soy sauce. And also the fresh zucchini would only benefit from lesser cooking time – this will add crunchiness to the dish.

Pasta with Zucchini

Result: Liked it, especially the sauce created with all the vegetable juices. Add enough seasoning to balance the water needed for cooking pasta and you will be fine!

Adding these recipes to my Lunch / Dinner collection where you will find even more recipes with zucchini / courgettes.



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