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Sipping at Spring with Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Spring at Dacha

A somewhat belated but already traditional spring-at-our-dacha post. Spring-cleaning and pillow-beating! What else can be a clearer indication of the coming of spring than the flocks of dacha-people heading from the city in all directions, towards their summer houses to open the new season?

Spring at Dacha

Here in St Petersburg, the period of kilometer-long traffic jams on Friday night has begun. It seems every St Petersburgeois (?) has a dacha, but that’s a misinterpretation of the situation. It’s just that everybody has a friend or a relative who owns one 🙂 I don’t think they all run there to help with the spring-cleaning or admiring the almond tree in blossom (see below), it’s mostly for more trivial things like barbecue (shashliki) or fishing.

Spring at Dacha

Let’s all take in spring, sip by sip, adding to the pictures the birds singing and the sun appearing and disappearing in its St-Petersburg-spring-fashion:

Spring at Dacha

The velvety red of the tulip:

Spring at Dacha

And – ta-da-dam – apple trees in blossom!

Spring at Dacha

As we know quite well from the last year’s experience, that might as well result in hundreds of kilograms of apples

Spring at Dacha

with apple trees falling down under the disproportionate weight and apples surviving until March!

Spring at Dacha

New life springs up from something looking rather dead than alive:

Spring at Dacha

The birch tree is in its fresh-green state, absolutely love it!

Spring at Dacha

And now on to a rather boozy recipe I’ve tried recently. We had some leftover red wine from my Dad’s birthday and so I could finally make the chocolate cake recipe I’ve been meaning to make for some years.

Chocolate Red Wine Cake from blog.lemonpi.net

A year ago – Magic Apple Orchard

Two years ago – Ecco Una Collezione Italiana

Three years ago – Koulouria of Thessaloniki

Chocolate Red Wine Cake adapted from blog.lemonpi.net will make a boozy, very soft and syrupy cake with a distinct wine aroma. For the original recipe visit the link.

My changes: used ginger instead of cloves and regular granulated sugar for the soaking.

Remarks: I baked my cake in a small glass pan instead of a bundt tin, in which I also soaked it in wine. I didn’t glaze the cake, just decorated it with some grated chocolate which very quickly became soft and boozy too 🙂

Chocolate Red Wine Cake from blog.lemonpi.net

Result: Soft and moist to the point of being almost liquid, this cake not only baked with but also soaked in red wine, is not for car-drivers for sure 🙂 As far as the taste goes, this cake is not oversweet, nor is it especially tasty. But if you want something else than a usual chocolate cake, this is it.

Chocolate Red Wine Cake from blog.lemonpi.net

Adding this to my Chocolate, Sweet and Leftover recipe collections.



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