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Almond Biscotti and Sour Cream Snickerdoodles

Almond Biscotti from

After a tasty Greek cheese pie all one needs is… a combined Italian and German / American (the origin is contested here but who cares!) dessert! The trick of these two recipes is that they are complementary – you won’t need to think where to use leftover egg white (after baking cookies) or egg yolk either (from the biscotti).

Almond Biscotti from

Making biscotti is somewhat a longish procedure but a very joyful one, really. Especially when the recipe is very good, you’re in a similarly good mood and there’s sun in the kitchen!

Almond Biscotti from

And you will be in an even more cheerful mood when you complement biscotti (and yourself) with a batch of big chewy cookies! Made with the leftover tvorog (Russian cottage cheese) and the egg yolk left over from the biscotti.

Sour Cream Snickerdoodles from

Let’s start with the biscotti:

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Almond Biscotti adapted from will make sweet and truly addictive crunchy-crumbly biscotti which are surprisingly soft inside (or should I say – they just melt in your mouth!). Follow the link for the entire recipe.

My changes: Added less butter and less sugar and still got very sweet biscotti. Instead of orange liqueur I used some brandy. Also I was quite lazy to grate the zest, so I just chopped it up. As for the procedure, I baked my cookies in between the first and the second bake that is required for the biscotti, so they were cooling down longer than 25 minutes waiting for the cookies to bake.

Almond Biscotti from

Remarks: You will need an extra egg white – but will not use all of it. Use the left over egg yolk in the second recipe of this post. I would reduce the oven temperature or the time of the second bake as I think these biscotti would be even better if they retain more of their softness which was so obviously great after the first bake.

Almond Biscotti from

Result: Crumbly and sugary, a bit over-baked but still melt-in-your-mouth kind of biscotti. The bits of almonds contribute to the crunchiness and chewiness .) Don’t hesitate, these are worth the two bakes they require!

Almond Biscotti from

So now that you are left with an egg yolk (and some egg white too, cause you won’t need all for brushing), you can try this cookie recipe where you will use up the leftovers:

Sour Cream Snickerdoodles adapted from will make big and soft cookies – just what you were craving for! Visit the link for the original recipe.

My changes: As I said, I had some 5% tvorog (cottage cheese) which I used instead of sour cream. I added some cinnamon to the cookie dough too. As I made these while waiting for the biscotti’s first bake, I placed the cookie dough into the fridge for some time. I think this only helped them get this perfect shape!

Sour Cream Snickerdoodles from

Remarks: I used a less liquid and more grainy cottage cheese instead of sour cream so my cookies certainly differ from the original. Also, the second batch puffed up more than the first, but all in all these are very ship-shape cookies and do not spread much.

Sour Cream Snickerdoodles from

Result: Big and chewy!

Adding these to my Country recipe collection and to Sweet and Leftovers collections.


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