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Good Morning with Hearth Sourdough Bread

Hearth Sourdough from

It was so sunny and so warm today that I’m ready to forgive St Petersburg for that nasty snow in late April we were having… And here’s a great sourdough bread to celebrate it! Yes, I finally made an almost all-white sourdough bread with almost no changes to the recipe!..

Hearth Sourdough from

When I baked it in the evening, I was quite impressed (taking into consideration the fact that I used my pretty unreliable oven) and wanted to grasp this moment. So here it is, the fragrant loaf still puffing with warmth of the oven right under the lamp in lieu of a flash 🙂

Hearth Sourdough from

The parchment paper was all burnt through. The recipe requires a Dutch oven which I do not have, so I improvised it with this old pan and the biggest enameled bowl turned upside down on top of it. A burnt finger ensued… inevitably! But those air pockets, they are worth it. It’s what happens when you’re trying to bake a “Hearth Bread” in a conventional oven 🙂

Hearth Sourdough from

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Hearth Sourdough adapted from the very helpful will make soft flavourful bread with chewy crust and all those artsy air pockets in the crumb! Follow the link for the entire recipe.

Although I said that I made almost no changes to the original recipe, there were some alterations along the way. Like using rye sourdough starter as it’s the only one I have or adding less water to the final dough as I was fearing the bread to be flat and shapeless (which it certainly was not!). And well, apart from dusting my loaf somewhat too heavily with wheat bran and flour, that’s all I changed.

Hearth Sourdough from

Remarks: Be careful when operating your Dutch or fake Dutch oven… Although I made this recipe without any major changes, my bread has this extra flavour and bran thanks to the presence of rye sourdough culture. I think it just added to its quality!

Hearth Sourdough from

Result: Loved it! The crust is wonderful (though I did dust it with too much flour) and the slices are ship-shape but soft. Will definitely try to make more white sourdough bread now. In the morning I took most of the pictures while there was still sun (it was already some days ago) and then… took a bite off this loaf too 🙂 And that’s exactly what you should do with it!

Adding this to my Sourdough bread recipe collection.

And yes, white nights are getting closer. I feel it!



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