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Deli Bread with My Un-Favourite Ingredient

Deli Bread from

There’s this ingredient that can spoil even the most adorable food on Earth – bread. And that is… caraway seeds! Traditional rye bread in Russia is often spiced up with it (sometimes with coriander) which makes me always on guard when I’m discovering new bread while traveling. And here’s just one of those things – you bake wonderfully moist bread and… and then you realize you won’t enjoy it cause you followed the recipe and added caraway seeds 🙂

Deli Bread from

My Mom says, however, that she loved this bread. In my family I’m the only one with this caraway seed-intolerance. Mom says the bread disappeared quickly and she especially noted the caraway seeds (of course) that she thought were a very good addition. She also said the bread was really soft but had very light potato flavour (I was actually using her leftover mashed potatoes). Here they are, those bread-killer seeds 🙂

Deli Bread from

So if you are not like me and have nothing special against caraway seeds, here’s a truly successful bread recipe! Although I have to admit that I did not taste it and have to rely on my Mom’s impressions, I can assure you that from the outside this is a very smart-looking loaf:

Deli Bread from

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Deli Bread adapted from Dan Lepard’s at will make soft, very moist and ship-shape bread which would be perfect for me too – but for the caraway seeds…! To get the entire recipe please visit the link above. ATTENTION: requires a 12 hour rest in the fridge.

My changes:

I used active dry yeast. Didn’t add cooked onion. Had to add more water. Used less caraway seeds.

Deli Bread from

Remarks: Although this is a rather easy recipe, you will have to chill the dough for 12 hours in the fridge. So start making dough in the evening and you will have fresh bread next day. If you want extra flavourful bread, do not skip the onions – I was too lazy to do cook them 🙂

Deli Bread from

The bread includes some rye flour which I tried not to increase and… succeeded!, but that did not change the color much. It just added to the flavour for sure. I would suggest baking this bread for your deli breakfast – or serving it with soup.

Deli Bread from

Result: Deli bread is deli bread. Soft, moist and salty enough (according to my parents). Enjoy it with or without caraways seeds! 🙂

Adding this to my Yeast Bread collection, British recipes and to Leftovers too!



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