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Peach Tart and Red Currant Flan

Peach Pastry Pie from eda.ru

Just to remind myself that this blog used to be a food blog once actually – here are two bright sweet pie recipes to combat the snow and the unnecessary winter feeling it brings in the middle of April. At least we can put some sun on our plates…

Peach Pastry Pie from eda.ru

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Peach Pastry Pie (Peach Tart) or Persikovy Pirog iz Pesochnogo Testa translated and adapted from eda.ru will make a flat pie with chewy sweet peaches and a bit gummy soft base. Nevertheless it will disappear in just no time at all… See my remarks in italics.


  • 120 g of butter – I used less
  • 200 g flour
  • 2 Tbs sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 400 g peaches – I used up almost an entire tin of Greek peaches
  • 3 Tbs cold water


Preheat the oven to 200 ‘C.

Take the butter out of the fridge to soften a bit. Meanwhile prepare the peaches (if you don’t use the tinned peaches, of course) – remove the stone and slice the fruit.

Prepare the pastry: Mix the softened butter with flour, sugar and salt. Work the pastry ingredients with a fork or with your fingers, so that you get a crumbly mixture. Add 3 Tbs cold water and quickly mix everything up. The pastry will not be thick but not liquid either (to my mind though it was rather thick – but then I added less butter).

Line your cake tin with parchment paper. Place the pastry into the tin and level it up to an about 5 mm thickness. Starting from the center, arrange the peach slices. Sprinkle with sugar (and cardamom if you like) and bake at 200 ‘C for 20 minutes (more for sure).

Remarks: Although the author claims that at such a high temperature the thin pastry will bake fast, it did not work out for my pie. The juices from the peaches made this process longer, about 30 minutes. However, I think that I’ve achieved a similar result – the peaches remained somewhat chewy but got a caramelized ‘crust’. In order to spice it all up a bit I added some cardamom right on top of the peach layer – and I think you really need something extra for the flavour.

Result: I would call this a Peach Tart because it is a rather flattish pied. Regardless of the bland and a bit soggy crust, the pie was a very quick success… I had the chance just to take photos of the last piece the next morning 🙂

And here’s another sunny recipe with the last red currants from the freezer:

Red Currant Flan from www.thethreecheeses.com

Blueberry Red Currant Flan adapted from www.thethreecheeses.com will make a very sweet (to my standards) pudding-like cheesecake with cinnamon “topping”. To get the entire recipe, visit the link.

My changes:

Used butter for the crust and the last of our frozen red currants from the 2014 harvest + some Greek peaches drained from syrup, chopped. As I had to finish off with a carton of cream which had been sadly reminding us of itself each time we opened the fridge for about 4 months, I decided to use it instead of  yogurt + added sour cream. The mixture turned out a bit too runny so naturally I was thinking about adding some thickener, so I mixed in some semolina along with about a tablespoon of flour. I opted for the orange zest.

Red Currant Flan from www.thethreecheeses.com

Remarks: Thanks to my addition of the semolina the flan became almost pudding-like. And of course it turned out to be much richer with all the cream instead of yogurt! I guess that if you follow the recipe to the point you will get a different result. And choose a larger cake tin to evenly distribute the pastry cause the base can get rather thick for a cheesecake / flan. You can see in this photo that the base is indeed a bit too thick at the borders. But that might just be my laziness à moi 🙂

Red Currant Flan from www.thethreecheeses.com

Result: Sweet and chewy fruit cheesecake. The crust is not soggy but there’s just a bit too much of it. This cake holds itself well, I mean, with all the liquid inside, and will cut easily – but be careful, it also JUMPS easily 🙂 Oh yes. No major damage caused – it merely flopped on the floor as is, losing in this salto only berries from the top 🙂 This photo was taken before the jump:

Red Currant Flan from www.thethreecheeses.com

I’ve already gathered a collection of recipes using Greek tinned peaches which you can find under the Sweet category. I’m eagerly supporting Greece with this tiny contribution each time I feel like baking some sunny pie! Some examples are also here, here and here.

Adding this to my Berry collection too.


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