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Tribute to St Petersburg in Spring (2014)

Breaking Ice on Moyka River, St Petersburg

I have procrastinated with this post for 1 year. So here is a tribute to St Petersburg in spring – and a visual souvenir from last year. All I can say is that spring 2014 was much more dynamic in its events for me – while the nature was much more dormant than this year.

Breaking Ice on Moyka River, St Petersburg

I remember seeing this tremendous ice breaking on Moyka river. We admired it from the windows in our office. And then I was walking to Gostiny Dvor to purchase a birthday present for my colleague. Gostiny Dvor is a central department store which is veeery old, yellow (more yellow houses!) and has a very interesting perspective:


The shop windows reflect the sunlight and visually widen the gallery.


 And then I went to two birthdays in one day. The second one was in a cafe called ‘The Attic’ with all the Soviet paraphernalia you could imagine. There was also this lamp with the most recognizable symbols of St Petersburg (or rather – Leningrad). The spire of St Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Fortress:


And St Isaac Cathedral with the typical St Pete street lights – but definitely not typical Soviet street lights!


To these traditional St Petersburg / Leningrad symbols I could also add the spire of the Admiralty with the golden ship on the very top and the bridges during the white nights of course!


Last year that was for me the ‘best view‘ one could have when working in St Petersburg. Well, I can always take a walk in the center and see it! Nostalgia is not killing me these days, by the way. All that happened – happened. And I’m glad that this post is published finally 🙂

All photos are from late March 2014.

Adding this post to my St Petersburg series.



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