Stirato or Italian Baguettes

Stirato from

Seems like it’s Italian bread again! This one is the best if you are dreaming of a super-soft and moist but crusty white bread. It’s more ciabatta- rather than baguette-likу, without the shape of the former and the dryish side of the latter. Although Stirato is a sort of artisan recipe, it’s a no knead bread, so don’t worry – just flour, water, yeast and salt!

Stirato from

I think I was equally fascinating by its crust and crumb!

Stirato from

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Stirato or Italian Baguettes adapted from will make a sort of Ciabatta white bread rather than baguettes, very soft and crusty, with those funny air pockets inside.

My changes: I left the dough to rest for 12 hours and I did not stretch it too far before baking, so my loaves got thicker. I used steam instead of covering the loaves in the oven. And that’s it! No whole-wheat flour added : )

Stirato from

Remarks: Although this recipe demands and overnight rest for the dough, it is actually a very simple recipe – and also very useful if you want to make fresh artisan bread in the morning and impress your family! Just wake up a bit earlier than usual 🙂

Stirato from

Result: Two loaves of crusty bread with super-white super-soft crumb – and all this with a very easy recipe! I tried it with hard cheese and some fresh veggies for breakfast. And although there are air pockets in the crumb, it’s quite a ‘meaty’ bite that you’ll get!

Stirato from

I came back home to bake more bread – and found not a crumb left from the two rather biggish loaves…

Non-Italian recipes coming soon 🙂

Adding this to my Italian recipe collection and yeast bread collection.