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Apples Collected in September Make Pancakes in March

Apple Pancakes from smittenkitchen.com

Unbelievable, right? And yet it’s true – apples collected back in autumn make tasty pancakes in March! Those were quite sturdy juicy apples actually. Now that all our dacha apples are gone we are re-disovering for ourselves the concept of buying apples in order to get some 🙂 I am eating one at the moment, a chewy Russian sort – can’t believe I can still enjoy an apple after all the effort to destroy the never-ending harvest!

Apple Pancakes from smittenkitchen.com

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Apple Pancakes adapted from smittenkitchen.com will make soft pancakes with rather neutral taste. Follow the link to see the entire recipe.

My changes: I used the liquid left over from the homemade cream cheese (buttermilk) mixed with some 2.5% fat milk and kefir. I spiced up my pancakes with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg and also added some wheat bran. I used just a bit of sugar but added some olive oil in the batter to avoid greasing the pan with each pancake.

Apple Pancakes from smittenkitchen.com

Remarks: Although I prefer baking things rather than frying them, these pancakes were an easy task. And you will get lots of them (you might even get tired of making them)! If you are not going to add extra sugar with jam or syrup when eating these pancakes, I would suggest using the indicated 1/4 cup of sugar or perhaps even more. Add more spices to brighten up the pancakes. Here they are pictured with homemade cream cheese (yep, I’m continuing the process!) and sea-buckthorn jam.

Apple Pancakes from smittenkitchen.com

Result: Very soft inside. Chewy. Rather on the bland side, though it might be to their advantage – you can add any of your favourite condiments! Let’s imagine they are even a bit healthier thanks to this addition of grated apples. And by the way, you won’t even realize that they have apples inside.

This was an overdue Maslenitsa pancake post 🙂 Adding these Apple Pancakes to my apple recipe collection.

It’s exactly 9 years since my first David Gilmour concert and first trip to France too. Seems like 9 years later I’m going to see both again. I’ve made myself a gift (or was it a gift for Gilmour since it was his birthday?:) and snatched a ticket to see him live again in September!



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