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Winter Fairy Tale and Semolina Bread

winter fairy tale

Winter day is short but sometimes very fairy-tale-like beautiful. St Petersburg is never very generous as for the sun but when it appears, life seems magical =) Welcome into the new year!

winter fairy tale

And when the sun is absent, at least the snowy days are not missing a certain bluish-white beauty of its own. It’s just that the snow rarely stays with us for long, our humid climate and the winds always bring change in weather.

winter fairy tale

In this first post of 2015 I would like to share with you this super-crusty sourdough bread recipe, bread being my one and only favourite food 🙂

Semolina Bread from

Here’s this bread with the rising winter sun in the morning:

Semolina Bread from

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Semolina Bread adapted from will make white sourdough bread, very dense in the crumb, truly crusty and, well, tasty! Follow the link to get the entire recipe.

My changes: I used my rye sourdough culture and fed it with rye flour. However, my bread was only slightly less white than it would be if using wheat flour sourdough. I chose to make only one loaf and it turned out big and heavy. However there was no problem baking it.

Semolina Bread from

Remarks: The recipe is really easy, it gives you time between the ‘steps’ and doesn’t require too many steps. The only thing is that you need to get quite a lot of sourdough for this recipe. And be careful with salt! My bread was a bit too salty but with cheese and some veggie the sandwiches were just fine.

Semolina Bread from

The crumb:

Semolina Bread from

The crumb and the crust:

Semolina Bread from

Oh that crust!

Semolina Bread from

Result: If you are dreaming of a crusty bread for tasty morning sandwiches, this is the one! The semolina flour makes each slice dense, thick and nutritious even if you make them thin 🙂 The end (or butt?) slices are the most delicious!

Semolina Bread from

Adding this to my collection of Sourdough bread recipes. Yesterday I baked two baguette-like loaves without any recipe, also using semolina flour + some oat bran to keep the whiteness of the bread all the while adding something healthy. But this time the bread was with yeast. Result – dense crumb and crusty top!

winter fairy tale

Misty days with high humidity and all-weather-all-seasons-proof fishermen on the frozen river – the usual picture. I haven’t dared crossing the river on the ice yet!



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