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Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies for the First Snow

It’s snowing today. The first snow here in St Petersburg and my second first snow this autumn after Chelyabinsk. I will soon tell you all about this city and my attempt to find out whether the legend of rough & tough Chelyabinsk was a legend or sheer truth. You will learn about my adventures in the upcoming post.


Before I leave for Kaliningrad, my next destination, and before we’re all snowed under here, just a tasty comforting recipe. Turn on your favourite music, pour yourself (‘another cup of coffee…’) something hot to drink and bite into this truly chocolaty cookie! The world will appear much better as the chocolate melts in your mouth : )


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Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies from will make big chewy cookies with melting chocolate inside. Oh-oh-oh! Visit the website to get the entire recipe.

My changes: Mixed butter with some sunflower oil, used plain sugar instead of brown sugar and instead of chocolate chips crushed a chocolate bar. I thought about adding some cinnamon but in the end I added just the vanilla.

I made really big cookies and it took them more than 15 minutes to bake.

Remarks: The recipe can be doubled or tripled, says the author plus suggesting other options like freezing the cookies before they’re baked (actually I freeze just about everything…) or turning them into a cookie-cake or cookie-bars.


Result: See this melting chocolate in the middle? That’s the main point! These cookies are chewy and even brownie-like. Perfect for the cold autumn.


More melt-in-your-mouth and addictive chocolate recipes could be found here. But beware! : )



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