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From Sunny Greece to Autumn Leaves in St Pete


I’ve come back from my journey with an overloaded memory card – both on my photo camera and that in my head. I’ve seen some new places like Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria as well as revisited the old friends like Thessaloniki and Aegina island in Greece. From the land of roses (Bulgaria) and the land of pistachios (Greece) here I am back in St Petersburg which – still – the most beautiful place in the world, no matter how much I complain sometimes 🙂


I will no doubt consecrate a lot of space telling you about all these places I’ve seen and occupy a lot of media space too with all my photos. Soon.


I didn’t have time to share with you these roses before I set off on my 2 countries – 4 flights – 3 long-distance buses – 1 boat – 1 hovercraft journey. These lovely flowers given to my sister for her birthday were to be published along with some recipe that is now lost 🙂 So here they are, as a link between what was before and what is now. As usual, trips make me think a lot and come back home with this distorted mind. All things seem so weird, so suddenly new. I’m trying to preserve this ability to look at the super-familiar things differently as long as I can.


And now on to St Petersburg, already covered with autumn leaves, rainy, windy with tremendously beautiful sky. You just cannot capture that, nor the subtle light that the autumn brings. I’ve made a walk to the nearby park today to see what it’s like and had the opportunity to witness some more of the to-die-for sky of St Petersburg. I mean it.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Typical residential buildings and oak trees.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Inevitable wires and the most beloved tree in childhood – maple, because it gives these sticky things that you can open and stick right on your nose, transforming yourself into Pinocchio, that’s why! And also maple leaves are usually the most colourful in autumn.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Sky and church’s grate and cupolas.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Another church in the park (there are three!). The airport is close by so the sky is seldom free of these white tracks.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Urban landscape and the sunset.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Looking back at the church(es).

Autumn Sky in St Pete

Love those flaky clouds.

Autumn Sky in St Pete

T-r-e-m-e-n-d-o-u-s. The sky just wouldn’t fit into the lens. No way!

Haha, a typical ‘I want to share it with everyone right now’ post. Will come back to blogging soon! At the moment dealing with the heap of work and a not lesser heap of apples.


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