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Buttery Sourdough Buns and Off We Go


I will be travelling tomorrow. Or rather – I will start travelling. Cause my job will make me hit the road again which is great. And before I do that here’s a recipe and some pictures from the early autumn at our dacha. Which is overloaded with apples at the moment : ) With this harvest we hardly need any imported apples at the moment…


This is astilba, some weeks ago. And here are the apples:


We’re having early Indian summer here – or probably just a continuation of summer after some pretty cold days. Sun, oh sun, you do make things brighter when you visit St Petersburg!


I think the apple trees are my favourite plants in our garden, they are tall but reachable, shady enough to protect you from occasional summer heat, they blossom beautifully  in spring and they give you fruits. Perfect.


And now on to the recipe. This is the second time that I bake WHITE sourdough bread, that is sourdough bread without adding rye flour (apart from feeding my rye starter with rye flour, apparently). My first try was this real good White Sourdough Bread.

Buttery Sourdough Buns from

My sourdough rye starter was almost dead some weeks ago, by the way – I somehow missed its regular feeding, which is usually every 7-12 days, depending on the need for bread, and the poor thing was all pallid with no distinct sour smell and just… dead =( I had to revive it with several feedings during the course of 3 days, leaving it at room temperature (I keep my starter in the fridge). Now it looks much better (bubbly) and smells sourish. Foooouf!

Buttery Sourdough Buns from

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Buttery Sourdough Buns adapted from will make rich white flagrant buns with a touch of paprika. The recipe uses sourdough just as addition, so no much time required for these buns. Visit the already much-visited King Arthur Flour website for this and much more recipes.

Here are just my changes:

I used my almost dead sourdough rye starter, unfed. This added a ‘whole-wheat’ look to my buns (you can spot the bran from rye). Added oil (less) instead of soft butter to the dough. But I left the butter + paprika filling to make these buns buttery and not oily =)

Buttery Sourdough Buns from

Remarks: This is a very easy leavened buns recipe (if you cope with rolling the dough out and cutting it into buns) with just an addition of sourdough (and you can add it even without feeding or use the sourdough culture leftover from the feeding!), no much of the usual fuss with sourdough, no long hours to wait etc. And I really liked how the dough looked after the first rise – very puffy and springy. Hm, why don’t I just keep adding a bit of sourdough to my leavened baking?

Result: These are buttery no doubt! The fragrance when you take the buns out of the oven is very nice – the buns are rich already plus add the paprika melting with the butter, olala! No photos of the buns separated from each other – when I came back there were already no buns 🙂


Expect some travel posts soon. Off we go!



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