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Happy Birthday, Hep-i-Book’a and Glimpses of Summer

Eating at Etagi

A forth year into blogging… Rereading my last year 2-year ‘anniversary’ post, Two Cloudberry Cakes, makes me think that, seriously, this time thing is really weird : ) I will not load you up with various statistical data, we’d better just take a look at the summer 2014.

A year ago – Two Cloudberry Cakes

Two years ago – Apples and Chocolate

Three (!) years ago – Born in USSR or Some Soviet Reflections

You already know that this summer was a record one in terms of museum-going in Saint-Petersburg. But apart from that it was also a Saint-Pete-dedicated summer. Thanks to a unexpected friendship with Catherine, I’ve seen a lot – or re-seen the usual things with this shrewd eye that guiding a friend through your city gives you.

From Etagi art center

Roofs of St Pete from Etazhi art center’s cafe

Cafe on the roof in St Petersburg

That day we also made a small tour behind the Moscow railway station area, near Ligovsky Avenue, which used to be a district of horse carriage owners and riders. There’s this old Russian-style gateway:

Ligovsky Avenue, St Petersburg

and these St Petersburg-style blind walls:

Ligovsky Avenue, St Petersburg

with chamomiles trying to fix the gloomy courtyard:


more blind walls – see a small painting of an ancient Greek somebody right near the ground:

Ligovsky Avenue, St Petersburg

…and how about a time-worn staircase in an old building on Nevsky Avenue?

Staircase on Nevsky Avenue, St Petersburg

or the shiny almost-fitting-in spire of St Peter and Paul Cathedral, formerly the highest building in St Petersburg?

St Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Petersburg

Another glimpse on St Pete from an attic window of gallery + cafe close to Gostiny Dvor

Looking over Gostiny Dvor, St Petersburg

…and here’s a different window:

Main Post Office

This is the Main Post Office of St Petersburg, a rather worn-out from the outside and gorgeous from the inside.

Main Post Office

That day they had an exhibition of Soviet posters. This one is from the Moscow Olympics in 1980, with the bear mascot.

Main Post Office

This one welcomes visitors to Moscow:

Main Post Office

More about the Main Post Office district in my 2013 post.

Main Post Office

That day we also visited the Rumyantsev Mansion museum, behind which we found this gates – there was a truck with a cinema studio name on it. I wonder what they were filming round there.


On our way back to the Moscow railway station from where you can hop on an elektrichka that will take you to Kolpino, we came across this creative car wash service with the inevitable road renovation works:


And later, criss-crossing our way through the maze of St Petersburg streets somewhere close to my Mother’s university (which is Cinema and TV University) we found this perfect set for a movie on the 90s in Russia! : )


Thank you for reading my blog! And even if you just scroll it down, I do appreciate it anyway 🙂



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