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Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

This last day of calendar summer (and it’s already autumn here anyway), let me share with you this super-soft apple cake perfect for tea with your family and friends. I made it for my sister’s birthday and we ate it quite quickly… So quickly that I didn’t manage to take a photo of a separate piece of this cake. You have to believe me that each slice was tall and beautifully yellow at the top with the unusual sautéed apples + lemon zest crown.

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

Apples, apples, a-p-p-l-e-s, a déjà vu from 2 years ago! In all sorts and sizes and consequently cooked, baked, boiled and given out to friends very actively. There’s never enough recipes for apples, and so I’m now experimenting with two new ingredients – rice flour and pure maple syrup. If you are too wondering what to do with all this treasure, have a look at this Apples page.

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

Look how tall it is!

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

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Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake adapted from makes a very pretty lemony-coloured, tall and soft cake. Visit Silvia’s website for more Italian recipes (plus see her recipe of the Italian marble cake Ciambellone della Nonna I made several times with unfailing success). Here are just my changes to the original recipe:

I mixed brown sugar with regular sugar, used sunflower oil, substituted almond meal with white rice flour, omitted sultanas so just added pure maple syrup. And of course I used more apples from our dacha =) and did not peel them. Although I added less lemon zest, the apples acquired that pretty lemony colour which was nice! I baked my cake for about 45 minutes.

I just sliced a couple of almonds and decorated the top with them.

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

Remarks: I wouldn’t call this a very easy recipe as you have to soften the apples first and then also beat the egg whites (I personally leave such recipes for later 🙂 but if you’re looking for a nice-looking cake, this is it! The apple topping gets infused with the lemon zest making it almost as if that was a lemon topping, so I would suggest adding zest of a whole lotta lemon!

Italian Apple and Cinnamon Cake from

Result: Nice and tall, this Italian cake will look great and taste great, just give it a bit of effort!

I’ve also tried this all-rice flour Apple Cake recipe from, which gave a very soft crumb but the taste was unusual – it was my first time baking with rice flour, let alone making something 100% rice flour! It can actually be made with all purpose flour as well. I forgot to add rum or brandy (which is anyway optional), used hazelnuts instead of the suggested walnuts or pecans and substituted buttermilk for cream.



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