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Three Times Chocolate: Danish Swirl Bread, Panforte and Cookies

Before this triple chocolate post gets any older, let’s bring it to back to life! Ha, no surprise it has been waiting its turn to be published form April 7th – that was 1 day before we learnt that we were all soon to be fired. But here it is, in the end. There are three recipes gathered throughout several months, a chocolate chip cookie recipe, a chocolate & nut bar recipe and a sweet chocolate buns recipe. Almost everything, except for a recipe of a good chocolate cake, which you can find here on the Chocolate page.

Panforte from

The first two recipes are from very much-used and much-trusted sources. We’re kicking off with chocolate bars or Italian Panforte. Probably it’s not yet the right season for them (these are very substantial and calorie-loaded things), but with the coming of the autumn which is obvious here in St Pete, the belly is asking for increasing amounts of sugar 🙂

Panforte from

A year ago – Sablé aux figues or Fig Jam Shortbread

Two years ago – Pommes. Pommes de Terre too

Panforte adapted from will make stick-jaw chocolate and nut bars. Visit the website for the original recipe and lots of other great ideas with video.

My changes:

Instead of almonds I used peanuts and also substituted candied citrus with prunes.  Instead of allspice I added cardamom, nutmeg and ginger. I baked the cake (cause it looks like one before you cut it) for a bit longer than indicated. I did not use rice paper, just plain parchment paper.

Panforte from

Result: A very nutritious and very sticky treat – it’s not for nothing that they call it ‘strong bread’ in Italian! Probably the best time to eat it would be in winter but I will not tell anyone if you try it already now : )


On to cookies now:

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies from

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies adapted from will make ship-shape cookies with crunchy nuts and chunks of chocolate.

My changes: Used hazelnuts instead of walnuts and added ginger (or rather way TOO much ginger).

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies from

Remarks: Be careful when adding your spices, I was too generous with ginger  and the cookies had this peppermint flavour : ) These cookies keep their shape well while baking and do not spread much. However, they do brown quite quickly!

Result:  Four ‘ch’: Crunchy, chunky, chewy and chocolate-y!

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies from

A recently tried recipe of very zesty whole wheat oatmeal chocolate cookies can be found here. And if you are in for more, try these large Chocolate chip, Cranberry & Walnut  Sconies or Healthier Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies from


And for those of you who feel like baking something sweet with leavened dough:

Swirl Coffee Bread from

Danish Chocolate Swirl Coffee Bread adapted from will make tiny tight but tasty cocoa buns.

Changes to the original recipe:

I didn’t use almond flakes for decoration. And that’s pretty much all about the ingredients. As for the procedure, I guess I rolled the dough out too thin and it did not rise that much. Also I did not use a switched-off oven for the dough to rise, just left it in a warm spot of my kitchen.

Swirl Coffee Bread from

Remarks: I made my buns so tiny that they looked rather like sweets : ) Do not roll the dough out that enthusiastically!

Result: Quite chewy and on the dry side. But I’m sure these will be really soft if you do make them bigger!

Swirl Coffee Bread from

But I do like how they look on the inside:

Swirl Coffee Bread from

Apple harvesting tomorrow. Big deal!



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