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Apples. Soon? Already!


We were at the dacha yesterday, summoned up in emergency by my Granny – trying to clear up the mess a fallen apple tree did to our garden and thanks God, ONLY to the garden, no one was hurt! The poor tree got sooooo heavy with the apples that it just fell and all the apples got scattered around… Add here all the leaves and branches when we tried to ‘dismember’ the tree – we’ve started working on the tree immediately, I didn’t even take a photo of this dacha event. Oh, that’s sad, I love apple trees and, well, apples, however tart and sour they might be! The apple tree has served us right up until that day – and we left a branch of it still there, hoping the apples will ripen (some of the roots are still in the soil). It waited and struggled with the weight of the apples and then it just couldn’t stand it no more. We’re glad the final decision was taken somewhere in the night or in the early morning when no one was around! So, we worked our muscles up and collected 4 cases of unripe fruit, so do expect a lot of cooking with apples here in autumn.


They say that apple trees can be harvested every other year and yes, that’s true! Remember that Magic Apple Orchard photos back in May? Well, the ‘prophecy’ proved right – we’re having a very similar situation to what turned into an all-apple-diet back in 2012! A recap of several recipes I made with apples that year can be found in this post from September 2012 – Apples and Chocolate. I guess what awaits us this year is the same destiny: trying to use up the abundant apple harvest from the day the start falling from the trees (or WITH the threes…) all through November!


Oh, the fragrance of the simplest freshly baked apple cake! Here is a digest of some successful apple recipes I’ve tried so far using these tart little apples from our dacha:

  • Paper Bag Apple Pie from www.kingarthurflour.com – a huge pie with very sweet and super-soft apple filling (lots of brown sugar to which I added some wheat bran =) in a tasty pastry – as usual with King Arthur Flour recipes! (I made it without shortening). I didn’t bake the pie in a paper bag though, just used the parchment paper wrapped around the pan (didn’t even have to staple it!).
  • Apple-and-Fig Cake (Maltese) from www.sbs.com.au – a recipe of a nice Maltese apple pie that you can even listen to (SBS is an Australian radio!). I used apple juice instead of lemon and added sugar, because, well, our dacha fruits are usually not that much dotted with natural sweetness but sourness instead…
  • Apple Pie Bread from www.bhg.com – a good cake with apples (no need to peel them!) and nuts. I didn’t add raisins and I used hazelnuts instead of walnuts plus for the Streusel topping I used half of the recipe from this cake:
  • Apple Crumb Coffee Cake from www.cakeduchess.com – I got this recipe wrong and mixed the apples (they were supposed to be sautéd but I just microwaved them using the tip from King Arthur) with the batter, so the cake was a bit too wet. I had to increase the baking time of course. But at the same time the cake was … something different for a change : ) Again I didn’t peel the apples, used honey instead of lemon juice (too much acid already in those apples!), buttermilk instead of apple cider vinegar.
  • MOELLEUX aux POMMES et SUCRE de CANNE COMPLET  from fleur2t.canalblog.com really soft and really moist – just as the name suggests! (moelleux in French is soft, tender, moist and in culinary world is usually used for the molten chocolate cakes). I used plain flour + some flaxmeal, added a bit of ginger and… my cake was made without brown sugar but with regular sugar and still it was really nice!
  • Torta di mele from danilapode.wordpress.com – a very easy recipe resulting in a fragrant cake. I used buttermilk instead of milk and oil instead of butter.

I’m currently collecting more apple recipes as we’re having a surplus of the dacha apples already now. All the apple recipes on this blog can be found here.


An apple tree dweller:


By the way, yesterday was also the first day to really break the heat wave we were having here – clouds, a bit of rain and lower temperatures in general. Today it’s been raining all morning. Seems like August is taking its place!



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