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Good White Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread from

In between my posts on St Petersburg and the environs, here’s a short one on white sourdough bread.This is the first time I resisted the temptation to make a rye (black) bread out of an originally wheat (white) sourdough bread recipe. You see, I always throw in some bran and increase the percentage of rye flour – not to forget that my sourdough culture is from rye flour! The same happens with white bread made with yeast, I can hardly ever leave the dough all-that-white, I just have to add in some wholewheat flour! Well, once this habit of mine even resulted in a rye… khachapuri! : )

Sourdough Bread from

If you look at my sourdough bread page you’ll notice that the rye bread prevails. Perhaps because I’m too lazy to make sourdough bread for breakfast too. I also thin that the black bread that we eat at lunch and dinner is considered somewhat more … serious bread. As if white bread (which is normally a plain leavened bread) is less precious. So here’s the recipe for that all-white bread:

Sourdough Bread from

A year ago – Working at the Hermitage. Almost (those were the days!)

Two years ago – Summer Berries

Sourdough Bread adapted from will make white (!) sourdough bread with a soft dense crumb and a medium hard crust. Follow the link to see the entire recipe.

My changes: The recipe calls for 2 cups of sourdough starter, so in order to get this amount I fed my rye sourdough twice: first with rye flour and then with all purpose. I put in less sugar. As for the potato water, I used the water left from boiling potatoes. I didn’t brush the loaves with butter before baking.

I had to cut the time indicated for rising as I was in a hurry (to eat the bread), buts as for the procedure – it’s quite easy. And this cutting on time did not prevent the loaves from being really nicely shaped.

And that’s it – no more changes, no rye bran or malt added… Weird, uh? But here it is, finally, WHITE sourdough bread with almost no rye!

Sourdough Bread from

Result:  Two well-shaped loaves of white sourdough bread which will cut into large slices. The crumb is dense but soft. Cannot say that this bread has a particularly distinct sourdough fragrance or taste (perhaps due to the decreased rising time) – it’s just plain good white bread!

P.S. Going to see more countries very soon! And probably will also continue my explorations of Russia too. We’ll see!



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