St Petersburg

St Petersburg Summer Sky in 7 Hours and the Heart of the City

Here is a series of St Petersburg summer sky views in 7 hours as seen from the 23rd floor of my to say the least unpretentiously looking block of flats (or rather a tower). It seems I’ve been talking about weather a lot here recently – and this because we’re having a somewhat typical early June weather in St Petersburg… all through June : ( So each time we get clear sky an sun here, we start a little party : ) And yes, I really enjoyed taking photos of the same view during those seven hours at home! My favorite shot is at 23.07 – the-not-so-White-Nights!

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The next day we went for a walk to the very heart of St Petersburg – St Peter and Paul Fortress, the first to be built by the order of Petr the Great in the brand new Russian capital back in 1703. The place is also known in St Pete as Petropavlovka (a sort of a contracted nickname). This is where the city started its glorious story. This is also the place where the ‘seals’ of St Pete enjoy sun bathing in winter (against the wall of the fortress) and also swim in the cold water of the Neva river (don’t ask me in what months of the year!). And this is also where each day a canon is fired at noon pill for a rather strong surprise of those tourists who happen to be around : )

St Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg

The ship in the photo is the one used for the Scarlet Sails (Alye Parusa) party taking part each year as a celebration for St Pete school graduates. Actually after the only time I attended this all-night (drinking) party, I prefer the film and the novel that gave the name for this tradition! The Fortress houses the delicate St Peter and Paul Cathedral with tombs of the Russian emperors inside, including the remains of Nikolay II and his family. The angel holding a cross on top of the cathedral is one of the easily recognized symbols of St Pete.

St Peter and Paul Cathedral, St Petersburg

The Fortress has a certain feeling about it, each time I go there I get this strong feeling which I cannot actually define. I guess the place is so history-laden and definitely haunted (surely densely populated with all sorts of spirits – the Fortress used to be a political prison for so many years!).


More of St Petersburg sky this summer:

Sun at 23.01

So the best time to spot the sun here is at… 23.01 : )

Sun at 23.01



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