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Baguette Croccante Homemade and Twisted Bread

Twisted Bread from

Here’s some tasty white bread in between France-related posts. Actually, the first recipe has been waiting its turn to be published for almost 2 months already. And now there’s another recipe to accompany it. Both recipes are really easy and will result in soft white bread. Funny enough, the recipe called Baguette actually turned out less baguette-like inside (denser with less air-pockets) than the second recipe .) Let’s start!


The first recipe is a French one but comes from an Italian blog. As I unfortunately failed to get in touch with the recipe author to get the permission, I will not publish the English translation here. To get the entire recipe, please, visit the original post and use your favorite translate tool.

Baguette croccante homemade  from

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Baguette Croccante Homemade adapted from will make soft though tight white bread.

My changes: Instead of 2 different types of flour (type 0 and 1), I used all purpose flour + wheat bran. As I had no fresh yeast, I just proofed active dry yeast in some lukewarm water. I had to add more water than indicated in the recipe. I opted to make 2 ‘baguettes’ instead of 3, so they resulted in something more similar to a Russian ‘baton’, a somewhat batard-like loaf.

Baguette croccante homemade  from

Result: These baguettes are really croquantes – they are both crunchy and tasty! The recipe is so much easier than the typical French baguette recipes. I also liked the addition of wheat bran – it makes this essentially white bread look (and taste) healthier. The texture is really nice – soft but thick at the same time.

Baguette croccante homemade  from


The second recipe has been in my collection for some time already but I used to postpone its realization as I had no fresh yeast. Finally, I just used dry yest instead with no problem at all! Welcome the soft deliciousness:

Twisted Bread from

Twisted Bread adapted from will make soft baguette-like bread with no fuss! Visit the Design Sponge’s In the Kitchen With section to get the original recipe.

My changes: I used all purpose flour + some wholewheat flour. As I still had no fresh yeast, I proofed active dry yeast in some lukewarm water and then added this to the rest of the ingredients. I also sprinkled some flour on top of the loaves.

Twisted Bread from

I wouldn’t call these loaves particularly ‘twisted’ as they got so big you can hardly notice the twist 😉

Twisted Bread from

The crumb:

Twisted Bread from

Result: Soft white bread, perfect for morning sandwiches. The crust is medium hard. The crumb is not tight (if all goes well with your yeast, see further). And just as Karin Eriksson rightfully says, “this is the easiest bread ever”! No kneading. Seriously.

Twisted Bread from

Remarks: The second time I made this bread, the yeast won’t proof well, and I got although quite better shaped baguettes but with a denser crumb. So be careful with your yeast, double check even if a day before the same yeast worked just fine. Here’s the second try with an airy slice of the first batch:

Twisted Bread from

The second batch was denser, heavier, less soft than the first batch but still tasty. And I really liked the ‘look’ that the slashes gave (although again – the twist is not visible):

Twisted Bread from

If you’re in the mood for even more white bread, check out Couronne-Shaped Country Loaf, various , , Soft Honey Seed Bread, Zopako (or Basque Soup Bread), these or just Classic White Bread!

This is just oh-so-typical St Petersburg: yesterday we were melting at 27 ‘C and welcoming the generous warm wind that brought some sort of relief in the evening and today it’s 8 ‘C and the wind is just freezing your hands and howling in the pipes, there’s naughty little rain and well, no sun, apparently : ) This is how we open the gorgeous white nights season this year!



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