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2,800 km of Russia Seen from Above

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This is my 2,800 km journey above Russia in brief – from Novosibirsk in Siberia over the Urals and on to Moscow. I often hear from people who has never been to Russia that they would love to take the Trans-Siberian railway (mind you, there will be more than one train for the 9,289 km and MIND YOU these trains will be sometimes really tough) and see everything from their window. Well, here’s what you will see at least during the first 2,800 km of your journey if you happen to do it in March: Moscow. Snow. Snow. Plains covered with snow. Snow, snow. Mountains. SNOW and SNOW and SNOW! =)

Some of the photos were taken within just a couple of minutes one from the other but you can hardly tell the difference, ahaha.

Novosibirsk, the ‘capital of Siberia’ turned out to be dull and dull. Really. I thought I’d be more impressed. Ah, well, what would you expect from a city where you can hardly find local kefir and tasty baked goods?! =) These are my universal criteria for any city (plus 2 more points to look for: nice postcards which are just nonexistent there and noisy markets which is actually a row of kiosks…). And the city failed the test unfortunately. I was lucky to find only one nice bun there – plain kalach… Lots of products from the Altay region (like honey, for example, which is good). The local things that I brought from the city were several packages of various bran (oat, wheat and rye with blueberries), rye malt and oat biscuits. At lest these were local and good (although I usually buy Novosibirsk bran here in St Pete anyway).

Next week is my first time in Kazan – let’s hope for the best!

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More culinary posts to come, I promise.


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