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Goodbye 2013

The tv is already showing all the ‘salad-making’ all-time favourite movies and cartoons (such as the 1956’s marvel ‘The Twelve Months‘), so that the ever-busy house wives could quickly chop up a bucketful of Olivye salad and a bath of Seledka pod Shuboy.  People are making last-minute shopping trips to the nearest food stores, decorating trees with glittery ‘dozhdik’ (‘rain’, silver strings attached to the top of the tree usually) and walking their dogs out in the streets full of puddles. No snow this New Year’s Eve! I’m making Ualibakh and a multi-layered choco-coffee-cake. Do not even ask for Olivye, hehe. For those who are interested in the Soviet new year’s habits which made it safely to the post-Soviet era, there is my New Year’s saga.

Zoom Cafe, St Petersburg, Russia

{our favourite spot in St Pete, Zoom cafe (if you manage to squeeze in!)}

And here it is, this year’s annual report.

According to the report the most popular posts of 2013 were actually those created in 2012:

1. Super Soft and Crunchy Bloomer Bread March 2012
2. Koulouria of Thessaloniki May 2012
3. Rye Malt Bread, Two Versions February 2013
4. Ualibah, Caucasian Cheese Pie May 2012
5. Patatopita, Hortopita and… Kolokithotiropita! June 2012

The #4 & 5 are actually the most popular posts of my blog for already 2 years : ) A nice feast all the 5 positions might make, a white bread, a brown bread, lots of pies and some slightly sweet bread rings for the dessert!

Moyka River, St Petersburg, Russia

Happy new year from St Pete’s best view!

Moyka River, St Petersburg, Russia

I think there’ll be no personal review of the year that is leaving us, at least for the moment. I don’t feel like reviewing anything right now.

See you in the new year of 2014!

Soon-to-be 2 years ago – Let Me Invite You into the New Year and early in 2013 Persimmon Cookies and Introduction into Soviet New Year



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