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Multigrain Bread and the Best View

view from the window, St Petersburg

Before this post gets as old as the hills, I’d better… post it : )

The day is short again and there’s no chance I take photos of what I bake in the daylight. November is usually the most depressive month as the days are so very short.But this is the time of St Petersburg, its true season, I guess. Today I was proctoring TOEFL and looking outside the window, monitoring the change of light alongside the candidates’ activity : ) The view is one of the great sides of my job, actually, the real center of St Petersburg, just outside our windows, each working day. And when I’m walking from the metro station I’m often thinking of almost living now in the old center, old town within St Pete, and it’s a booster thought each morning. There’s this Kazanskaya Street in particular which is curving like crazy and has a very European-old-town-ish look, with its buildings as if growing one from the other, all of them of various colours, appearance and height. It’s a pity these buildings are sometimes neglected…

Multigrain Bread from

And now back to bread. This is an almost sourdough bread – but let’s call it a lighter version. There IS sourdough starter in this bread but you also will use yeast. The soaker takes an additional hour, so be prepared for a longish procedure. But surely not THAT long, as a full-fledged sourdough bread recipe might take.

Multigrain Bread from

A year ago – More bread: Good to Be Back Home Baking Bread

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Multigrain Bread adapted from will make two cute crusty loaves, so very flavourful!

See the link above for the entire recipe, here are just my remarks:

For the soaker I used pumpkin + poppy seeds + black sesame instead of quinoa. As for the dough, I added wheat bran and used less sourdough starter. I did not brush my loaves with egg wash.

I baked my loaves for more time than indicated.

Multigrain Bread from

Result: Chewy flavourful loaves with super crust. Lots of seeds for extra energy boost. Perfect for healthier sandwiches but surely great with soup to warm you up and make you comfortable. Thank you for the recipe, Annie!

Have a nice day!



5 thoughts on “Multigrain Bread and the Best View

  1. Ciao carissima, ho letto il tuo commento al plum cake al limone, si che puoi tradurre e pubblicare la ricetta in inglese, è un vero piacere me .
    Grazie di cuore e complimenti per il tuo blog !!
    A presto
    Sandra Chabb

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