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Cheesy Potato and Leek Bake with Sourdough Bread

Creamy Cheese Leek and Potato Bake from

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I was busy working and travelling but also there was this weird thing with my laptop – WordPress just wouldn’t let me log in or even view my blog. I’ve been really meaning to post my recent recipes but … couldn’t. Anyway, I’ve been busy with my job, travelling and sports (finally!), baking ahead on the weekends and trying to adjust to the uncooperative oven at my place on the week days.

So here’s a long-due post about a delicious thing which was eaten already 2 weeks ago =) Still the photos are really enticing and I’m sure you will get my point in eating greens after all. Even my father seemed to enjoy this dish – thanks to this sauce which brings together the ingredients!

Creamy Cheese Leek and Potato Bake from

{nice with sour cream or prostokvasha, for an extra creamy taste!}

A year ago – Autumnal Comfort Sweet Treats – to finish the meal =)

Two years ago – An Easy Bread and A Not That Easy Bread2 Scrumptious Desserts from Black and Red Currants and 1 Idea for 2 Delicious Dinners

Creamy Cheese Leek and Potato Bake adapted from will make a nutritious, tiny bit sweet, soft and totally cheesy dish worth trying!

Go to the original website for the recipe. I changed it just a tad – using regular hard cheese instead of Cheddar and as for the herbs I added chopped fresh herbs + dried ‘Italian herbs’ + ‘Italian seasoning.

Creamy Cheese Leek and Potato Bake from

Result: A great vegetarian dish which is really nutritious. The bechamel-like white sauce is really nice, binding it all together and making the dish really creamy. Those who do not like their veggie dishes sweet would probably add more salt or pepper, because leeks give this slightly sweet taste – which personally I liked. Well, I actually preferred the leek part to the potatoes. And the melted cheese on top – mmmmmm!

By the way, to accompany the dish, here’s a nice sourdough bread recipe I tried even more time ago. I just remember it was good : )

Rosemary Olive Oil Sourd from

Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough adapted from (ex Wine Barrel Gourmet where I found the recipe in the first place) will make ‘golden middle’ bread – a rye + wholewheat  option that is good both for breakfast and lunch. ATTENTION: requires time and sourdough starter.

For the entire recipe please follow the link above. My changes: I used my rye sourdough starter + added some scalded rye malt for more colour and flavour. To add even more rye flavour, I mixed whole wheat flour with rye flour and rye bran. Instead of fresh rosemary I used dried. Surely it did not have the same effect just as the author warns us but there was this sour oily taste from rosemary anyway.

Result: Universal brown bread to tear a bit from and dunk in the sauce left from the Cheesy Potato and Leek Bake =)

I hope there will be no more problems with the WordPress. Still have those posts waiting!

Bon appetit,



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