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Bread-therapy for a Tired Traveller

Pain aux Cereales from

Back home after a short but quite tiresome trip to the Urals – have never travelled that far in my country! It’s not only + 2 hours to the time zone I’m used to but also – 10 ‘C than what we are having these days here in St Pete! I’ve visited two cities, Yekaterinburg, more to the East, aka the capital of the Urals, and the more Northern city Perm. Both are a weird mixture of the 19th century merchant buildings + the ugly Soviet attempts at beauty + the modern shopping malls all in metal and glass. Both are relatively new cities founded some 300 years ago as industrial centers of the region.

I guess I’m just irrevocably spoilt by living in St Petersburg (even in its suburb) for so long. It makes me consider almost anything outside of its borders as a terra incognita completely different from what I’m used to. But then – what is Russia but these cities and towns outside of Moscow and St Pete? I just don’t know my country yet and St Pete is so much NOT Russia.

Pain aux Cereales from

{I’m still vegetarian, the sausage’s here just for the photo =) }

I’ve managed to try the most celebrated bread things in YekaterinburgSverdlovskaya sloyka (a bun with sweet topping) and Chusovskoy bread, sourdough rye bread with wonderful taste. Although I ate the mass-produced versions, I think the bread was really good, there’s still some of it left, the loaf was huge enough to last for several days. Sverdlovskaya sloyka was a … disappointment! As what I know by this name here in St Pete is different and… better. Probably I just bought a not very successful version.

Perm was less prolific in all senses, it’s obviously less developed although oh-so ambitious just as E-burg is (as is its short name). I didn’t get a chance to taste lots of the local things as E-burg is all sushi-invaded and Perm just couldn’t persuade me to enter any за the eating places. But I tried a great Bulochka k chayu s povidlom – a “bun with apple jam for tea” =) That was goooood!

Pain aux Cereales from

A year ago – Autumn Colours and Karelia with the resipe of the traditional Karelian kalitka

Here is a recipe of although not that bread I was talking about (and not Russian for starters…) but definitely a very tasty one. I wanted to post this recipe before the trip but just didn’t have time. It seems I’m transforming in that kind of a working species who works hard during the week and then just want to watch ER for God knows what time and do nothing 😉 Well, nothing else but baking for the rest of the week for my parents. And bread is just the best therapy if there’s no sea around.)

Pain aux Cereales from

Pain aux Céréales adapted from will make two flavourful loaves with crunchy crust. Attention: requires pâte fermentée (it means no sourdough culture, just an overnight sponge).

My changes: Instead of diastatic malt (which is anyways optional) I added scalded rye malt to add some extra colour and flavour. Another ‘instead’ – poppy seeds instead of flax seeds both inside and on the top of the loaves (just rolled in poppy seeds). I have no sturdy mixer so I made this bread by hand.

Result: Although I made this bread hardly French but it didn’t prevent it from being very nice. The original recipe results in a true white French bread and my would but for the rye malt that I decided to put in. The poppy seeds were a good addition too by the way. Added even more crunch!

Pain aux Cereales from

I’ve almost completely run out of the space allowed for free for this blog. Does the third year of blogging require money input?



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