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Cinnamon-Roll Pull-Apart Loaf with Apples

apples in a basket

It’s not sunny today here, kind of gloomy with specks of rain. And remembering the warm early autumn days here’s a great dessert you can enjoy in any weather! We got some apples this year at our dacha – and I mean really just ‘some’, almost nothing compared to the last year’s apple craze. We’re still eating the apple stock and I came by the recipe I’m about to share with you just because of this never-ending stock of apple jam in particular. Actually, the recipe didn’t require any jam at all =) So here is my version of this sweet leavened bread. It’s kind of a funny looking loaf, cause first you cut it in separate pieces and then re-form it.

Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Loaf from www.theknead4speed.com

Cinnamon Roll (Apple) Pull-Apart Loaf adapted from www.theknead4speed.com will make a soft and sweet (apple!) treat

Go to the website for the original recipe, here are my changes:

I didn’t add the egg as it was not mentioned in the procedure, I added some ginger to the dough. As for the filling, I spread some leftover apple jam instead of scattering dark brown sugar on the dough strips, which made this loaf an apple one.

Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Loaf from www.theknead4speed.com

As for the procedure, I had to bake the loaf longer and I didn’t make any glaze once it was ready. At the end of baking the loaf started browning too much on the top but I had to keep it for some minutes more in the oven. Anyway, the loaf was very soft inside!

Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Loaf from www.theknead4speed.com

Result: I think that the soft apple pieces added that extra something that turned the familiar cinnamon-sugar bread into a more interesting treat. You can pull the pieces apart and I liked that they had those bits of apples each =) And this might be a jam leftovers recipe, just try it with your favourite jam!

apples in a basket

Those were great apples from this year harvest by the way! Guess the trees put all their energy into this basket : )

I’m going to Yekaterinburg, ‘the capital of the Urals’, today on another business trip. I will also visit Perm – both cities I have never been to. I really hope to get a chance to sample somewhat more authentic food than (although quite good!) pizza Margarita and Greek salad in a cafe ironically called Karavay ( = loaf of bread) in Cherepovets, Vologda region! Well, this is a very common thing here in the cities when you get all possible Italian and Japanese food and almost nothing from the Russian or the local cuisine. Let’s see!



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