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Baked Comfort Food from Veggies


High time for autumn vegetables! Especially when it’s raining outside and the weather is – even for our parts – too cold. Let’s get the best out of this year’s harvest with the two comfort food recipes I’m about to share with you. No mushrooms in any of them though, it just is one of the symbols of autumn, isn’t it? Let’s start with the aubergines, zucchini and pumpkin – all in one dish!


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Pumpkin is a rare thing in our family (not used to its taste, I guess), but I sometimes experiment with it both in sweet things and in savoury dishes. It’s in the season now and my Mom got one. The usual thing happened – there was a bunch of vegetables in the fridge and we had to figure out how to make them into something tasty all together. BBC Good Food lent me a helping hand as so often it does and with some polenta on the side the whole bunch of vegetables turned into…

Baked aubergine stuffed with roast pumpkin, feta & walnut with minted courgettes

Baked Aubergine and Courgettes Stuffed with Roast Pumpkin adapted quite a bit from The recipe will make a sweet – from the pumpkin – but very chewy and really good cheesy dish!

Follow the link for the entire recipe, I’ll just tell you how I changed it to my needs. I stuffed 3 small aubergines + 2 zucchini (both vegetables worked out just great!). Also I used more pumpkin (hence the leftovers), regular onions, whole cumin seeds + coriander leaves. I had no brined cheese, so just grated hard cheese on top (which made the dish even more ‘comfort food’). I also topped the veggies with sesame seeds + oregano. I didn’t use the walnuts and I didn’t make the courgette salad (see the link) either.

The procedure will require some time, with all the stuffing and twice baked veggies, but the result is good!

Baked aubergine stuffed with roast pumpkin, feta & walnut with minted courgettes

Result: I made some polenta to accompany the dish which was a good addition. There’s a sweet side to this dish coming from the pumpkin, a spicy side from the cumin seeds and the overall chewy veggie side which is nice. Cheese is cool by the way and the sesame seeds too. Probably with the brined cheese it is a bit different, I should try the original version some time!

Baked aubergine stuffed with roast pumpkin, feta & walnut with minted courgettes

There were some filling leftovers and I used them in this easy recipe for an Italian savoury pie – Tarta Salata (Mixed Vegetable Galette) from Actually I used but the dough part of it as the filling in the original recipe required a kind of quiche-like filling.

No photo left of that Italian pie recipe, which can result in two pies, by the way, if you make them smaller. So here is another vegetarian recipe I tried recently, which somehow turns the usually dull cabbage into something really tasty, although quite slow-cooking : )


Baked Cabbage Wedges adapted from will make a kind of sweet but definitely yummy dish. Be ready though to wait at least 2 hours to have this dish ready.

See the original recipe for the entire procedure and the ingredients.I changed the ingredients a bit – adding some crushed tomatoes at the end of baking, using water instead of broth and omitting cayenne pepper (couldn’t find it in our spice drawer…).

Result: The veggies will reduce when baked and somehow get less colourful but still tasty! As I’m a vegetarian, this dish works for me without any extras but you can match it with something less vegetarian for sure 😉

Still have some recipes waiting to get here for quite a time already, so will come back soon.



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