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Summer Goes On with Sourdough Mini-Rolls


Summer continues… Even if there’s already a certain autumnal ‘thread’ being woven into the summer canvas. It can start raining heavily and immediately St Petersburg puts on its grey coat… and a mere minute later there’s sun shining and everything’s washed and fresh. So it’s still possible to enjoy the long days and warm sunlight on your face here. Summer goes on – and baking goes on with it oh so well .)

recycling teapots

As I’m living alone now, going back to my parents’ place for the weekends, there’s this thing all over again as cooking for yourself only. It’s of course easier – you choose what you like, you don’t care if there’s something that others do not like in what you’re cooking etc etc. But BAKING for just yourself is more complicated. I freeze the most of the batch (of bread or sweet things) so now there’s my freezer all filled with petits bouts of this and that. There’s no such problem at home, haha, never. I bake and freeze then when I come back there’s already nothing in my parents’ freezer left. And, of course, there’s not only this freezing problem – the other thing’s to do with not being able to share what you bake. A real loss for a baker.


I’ve been editing some of my previous posts recently and caught myself reading some things I wrote – sometimes it was just like reading it for the first time – really weird : ) Here’s yet another bread – and sourdough bread – recipe, one of the most popular recipe category on my blog, no doubt. Bread is what gives me the most pleasure – making the dough, kneading, shaping, watching it rise, scoring, baking, feeling the warmth of it under the linen towel once it’s ready… and eating it, for sure!


A year ago – Pommes. Pommes de Terre too – some tasty things you can do with baby potatoes and It’s Time for Bread – well, you see, it’s always time for bread! – with some fine specimens of sourdough and overnight-sponge bread.

And this year it’s time for…

Sourdough Mini-Rolls adapted from The recipe will make pretty puffed soft & crusty rolls which you can enhance with fragrant rye malt, mmmm


look at the crumb – and add the rye malt flavour… got it?

My changes:

For the starter mixture (attention here – it’s made 12 hours in advance!) I used wholewheat flour along with all-purpose flour.  For the bread, I also mixed in some wholewheat and increased the rye content. But as I apparently poured in less water, I used less flour as a result. I also caught a glimpse of the bag of rye malt being stuck there at the back of the pantry with no use lately… So I boiled some water and poured it over a tablespoon of rye malt. The cooled paste then went into the dough along with the salt.

As or the procedure, I went out during the “50 minute fold cycle” and missed the second fold… So the dough rested about 50 minutes more to allow for the entire 2 and a half hours folding cycle. It might sound complicated but there’s not that much effore required for this bread, really. You just need to believe in your starter : )

When the bread was already baking, I forgot to take away the pan with steaming water as said in the recipe. I remembered about it only at the very end, so I left the rolls in the switched off oven for some time more.


Result:  The crust is super. The crumb is well-balanced – moist, soft and obviously even more flavourful with the introduction of rye malt, which also added the brownish colour to it. The rolls are cute and very ‘handy’ to cut.  You won’t notice how quickly these rolls will disappear! Now I understand why these are called mini-rolls : )

Aronia Melanocarpa and birch at dacha

Aronia Melanocarpa (Grandpa used to make wine from these fruit) and my favourite birch tree at our dacha


4 thoughts on “Summer Goes On with Sourdough Mini-Rolls

    1. Dear Sally, thank you very much for the recipe! I have tried lots of your delicious treats although not all of them survived to be published – just because they were too tasty to live on that long! =) Looking forward to trying new recipes!

  1. Beautiful bread rolls. I am always very lazy making bread rolls, one big loaf is more convenient and practical for me. But your bread rolls look very “appetizant”

  2. Thank you! you know, I found that making smaller rolls actually turned the whole process of baking easier, as they were ready in just about no time! And they rose well too. So there’s some advantage in making an extra effort in the end : )

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