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Midsummer Berry Smoothie


Just as last year I’m in a hurry to make this post a mid-summer one. Don’t ask me if I believe that it’s already mid July, please, no I don’t : ) This post is just a contemplation of the life going on, plus an easy recipe for a berry smoothie. Berries are always so abundant here at this time of the year that you just need a couple of good berry recipes! I’m already running out of them as I just don’t like baking the same thing over and over again. Here’s a nice berry cake recipe that I posted…

A year ago – Midsummer’s Black Currant Rhubarb Cake

on the balcony

The plant looks much better now, it has delicate flowers and it’s own little summer of life is in full swing. we’re rediscovering our balcony this summer – thanks to my Mom who is suddenly so green-thumbly 🙂 This year with her help the salad grew amazingly nice. I just hope, Mom, that you won’t suddenly find yourself building a new greenhouse next year!

salad leaves

And here are the tartest cherries on Earth:

sour cherry

My favourite berries are definitely not the most prolific black currants that are invading our dacha and my baking each year (I’d rather eat red currants). Blueberries are much more to my liking, I wish they were growing at our dacha… We bought some couple of weeks ago and I made a reeeeeeaaaal blueberry cake (usually every blueberry cake/ muffin/ etc turns into blueblackberry something) and also some kind of a berry smoothie, which we are more used to call mousse in my family.

blueberries and sweet cherries

There are various solutions to cope with the berry harvest, of course, like freezing them in a way of a sorbet, for example. But – luckily – for the lazy ones there’s always something which requires only a blender bowl to wash later. The recipe for the berry smoothie comes from the mere need to use the berries which sometimes (most of the times) are just too acidic to eat as it is. So we blend them with something sweet, mixing several kinds of berries together. Usually the strawberries are the most acidic berries at our dacha, so these are more likely to end up as a smoothie combined with the first black currants (they are everywhere!).

berry smoothie

This time I took strawberries + blueberries for a change (I was too lazy to pit the sweet cherries so they went as decoration). Plus added a sweetener – honey. The recipe is easy (the shortest recipe ever on my blog!):

Berry Mousse (Smoothie) – can be changed in a myriads of ways and adapted to your taste


  • berries of your choice
  • honey / sugar


Blend the berries (with a hand mixer or blender), adding enough sweetener. Eat with ice cream or in my case – the ever present prostokvasha.

berry smoothie

Result? All depends on you and your berries in this case!

berry smoothie

Normally, the all-berry smoothie is quite thick but you can still manage to drink it with a straw. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth as these Northern berries may as well be sweet and oh so nice but they are acidic as hell : )


The basil looks cool. It tastes weird though, as this one is with the cloves flavour (next year – regular basil, Mom!):


and these are vetches:


and a bee in glamour ‘sun glasses’:

bee on a flour

jasmine (already over its blossom period now):


an addition to my previous St Petersburg Sky and All That Bread post – the evening sky


and that brings me to the end of the mid summer reportage…

lily leaves

Rain drops on the leaves of the tiger lily from the first picture. After a hot start of the day, there was rain today too. Reminded me of that rainy song by Planet Funk – just realized it’s more than 10 years old already (do you believe it, sister?!)! Love the rain sequence – and rain in real life too, occasionally, haha. Hope it was not ‘last summer day’ today!



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