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Colours of Summer

I’ve been thinking about a rather sad post with ‘black humor’ observations but than I changed my mind. Life goes on and we should take care of the living, indeed.

Moreover, summer is in full swing here and nothing worse than a mosquito bite should bother you! So, before I post some recipes with fragrant herbs freshly picked in the garden (oooh, and cheese too!), here are some summer colours – also fresh, just from our dacha! Less words, more visual satisfaction.

“… the colours of a rainbow so pretty in the sky…”

(no rainbow in the sky today – although there was a crazy rain + rainbow from the water sprayer)


Colour blue: Remember that the St Pete sky is typically criss-crossed with cable lines? Well, we’re just some 50km away from the city!

a batallion of new life

Colour green: An entire battalion of new life. Dunno who these kids will become but they already look quite eeeeh red-eyed and rrrready!

peony 1

Colour red: Peony, shot #1

peony 3

Colour red again: Peony, shot #2

peony 2

Colours green and red: Peony, shot #3 – made a photo posing with it as if with a microphone. Won’t post it here :p

boule-de-neige 2

Colour white: Boule-de-neige (=snow ball) always attracting passers-by… cruel passers-by

boule-de-neige 1

Colours green, white, blue: Boule-de-neige and our house


Colour violet: Iris


Colour yellow: lilies

birch trees 1

Colour white again: the beloved birch trees

birch bark

Colour white: the bark of the beloved birch trees

birch bark 2

Colour white: why not again


Colours green and white: Lily-of-the-valley, already past its season


Colours violet and green: a busy bee in the lupine flowers

    walk like an Egyptian1 walk like an Egyptian2

Just funny: walk like an Egyptian

Enjoy your summer!



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