Layer Cakes for Chocolate Addicts

Chocolate again?! There’s never enough of it, come on. Here is a post on non-yeast chocolate treats – actually about those chocolate-chocolate multilayer cakes with chocolate inside and outside and oozing from the sides… Oh!

Perfect Chocolate Cake

This first cake was a double inspiration – first I got the idea to make something special when people reminded me of my name-day (I forget about it) and second I invented some kind of filling and glaze for the cake as I had no cottage cheese or anything thicker than ryazhenka and prostokvasha in the fridge.

Perfect Chocolate Cake

A year agoBread, Soup and Crackers with some ideas on what to do with leftover bread and Koulouria of Thessaloniki

Perfect Chocolate Cake adapted from www.creativesaga.com will let you make a real festive cake out of a very easy basic cake recipe.

All you have to do is to follow the original recipe and then use your imagination as to what to add between the layers and on top of the cake. What I did was to substitute vanilla essence with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. I would also suggest baking the cake for less than 45 minutes – or just keep an eye on it. After the cake cooled enough to handle it, I cut the cake in three layers – the ex-upper part went underneath as it got browned too much.

Perfect Chocolate Cake

The upper layer filling is with prostokvasha and melted chocolate and the lower one is with ryazhenka + chocolate. I decorated the cake with melted chocolate – the bar was with nuts which you can see in the glaze + I had some almonds and cashew (ONE cashew) to finish the decoration.

Perfect Chocolate Cake


And now a more sophisticated and certainly a richer cake with distinct coffee notes which I prepared for my Father’s b-day and dared transfer it to our dacha – luckily without any major damage (had no time to take a photo of the entire cake before it was halved ; )

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs adapted from deliciousshots.blogspot.com will make a luscious although – surprisingly – not over-sweet coffee & cardamom infused cake for incurable chocolate addicts like my Dad.

The instructions given on the aforementioned blog are substantial, I will just tell you what I changed in the recipe:

For the cake: I substituted buttermilk with milk + kefir, added cardamom and ground coffee instead of instant coffee (I filtered it to remove the solid elements). I guess I added less flour, as the batter was way too thin. The cake took more time to get ready (55 minutes) and still it was oozy in the centre.

For decoration: As I had no figs (in Russian a figa or kukish with a characteristic gesture of the thumb stuck between index and middle fingers – is a symbol of ‘nothing’ or ‘giving someone the finger’ ; ) I placed a white chocolate sweet right in the middle (did not survive until the photo session – was a special extra for the birthday person).

For frosting: I used two 100 g chocolate bars, one was with nuts; I definitely used less butter and thus less confectioners’ sugar, added cardamom instead of vanilla.

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

In contrast to the first cake which was a bit over-baked (the remedy was a rather liquid filling), this got underbaked – but no one noticed, oops, let’s say it was a molten chocolate cake (you can see that in the centre the cake is less dense than further to the edge).

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

Result: If you’re not a buttercream fan like me, you would prefer another frosting. But actually the cream was not THAT buttery and went well with the fudge-like layers, especially with its mocca coffee colour. So, just add less butter. The original cake looked so cool and rich with the frosting descending in huge ruffles… But I always cook things at least halfway to my taste – no buttercream at all would have been my choice were it not for my Dad’s preferences!

Chocolate-Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs

For even more – though not chocolate – multilayer cake ideas, see these recipes: Caramel Apple Cake which will make a soft, fragrant and truly delicious 3 layer cake, or Lemon-Blueberry Layer Cake for a multi-layer super-soft and fluffy cake which has berries right inside the batter – both very nice for the early summer days!

And it is indeed rather summer-y here, definitely the time for buttercream is over otherwise it will melt!

I was actually planning to post some Italian recipes first but got delayed waiting for the bloggers – authors of the recipes – to answer. Will make a new post soon!



2 thoughts on “Layer Cakes for Chocolate Addicts

  1. О! Гера, у тебя получились ОЧЕНЬ профессионально-аппетитные фотки! Ты совершенствуешься не только в кулинарии :). А рецепты очень удачные!!!

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