What a Peach! Sunny Cake and a Zesty Cranberry Cake

Peach & Honey Cake

Sunny cakes for the snowy March, this is just what the doctor prescribed! The sunnier they are, the better – try bringing the canned peaches back to their sweet life, and why not melting some frozen cranberries into a juicy berry treat? Throw in some nuts and orange zest, spice them up and enjoy those winter ingredients in their brand new spring attire. Do I sound like an advertisement? Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to sell my cakes, haha =) I’m really considering making muffins for sale, cause searching for an ideal job is a long and tiresome job itself… But then, baking for sale is completely different from baking for the family and friends (happy birthday, Ira!).

The thing I noticed today in the city centre was a couple of the public utility service people who were doing – for money! – the same ‘job’ the boys used to do free of charge: banging on those rain-water pipes you see all around here in Russia, to get all the ice from the inside come down in an avalanche on the pavement! Well, at least this is a very positive sign of the upcoming spring… when it fails to melt the ice 😉 I walked quite a bit today in the city and noticed a number of really weird buildings (this IS the Dostoevsky city after all!), there was a biting wind blowing and almost hot sun shining. But we’re surely approaching the doing in of winter, it just cannot linger anymore.

Peach & Honey Cake

Ok, so first of all – the famous canned Greek peaches (make sure the label says Greek!), sunny as they are already in their sugar syrup, you can turn them into many wonderful sunny treats – and not necessarily Greek! Here are some previous what a peach! recipes: Mini Peach Strudels, Cornmeal Cake with Peaches + Rosemary, Tart with Cream and Peaches, Peach and Blueberry Pie, Peach, Apple and Banana Pie, Fresh Peach Pie, Cardamom-scented Peach and Curd Cheese Cake(do I already need to make a separate page dedicated to peachy recipes?)

A year ago – two citrus treats, Citrusy Ricotta Tart and Triple Berry Orange Shortbread

The recipe is this:

Peach & Honey Cake adapted from www.sweetreehoney.co.nz – it will make a super-soft peach cake. Even if your peaches are canned!

The inevitable changes – added oil to butter, used regular white sugar, mixed together wholewheat and regular flour, substituted the most of the honey with apple puree, forgot about nutmeg and cinnamon, and of course used canned peaches. And the cake turned out lovely with them!

Peach & Honey Cake

I added some chopped hazelnuts on top of the cake, along with the peach slices – just for an extra bit of crunchiness. I even spent some time arranging those slices – and the result was quite pretty, a very sunny cake indeed (I also liked that there are peach pieces INSIDE the cake and not only on the top of it):

Peach and Honey Cake

Now on to the bloody berry recipe? Ok, here is the cake. Isn’t it bloody cranberry indeed?

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

Should you need more bloody cranberry recipes, here are two I’ve in my blog archive: Cranberry Cheese Kuchen and Cranberry bread.

The cranberries – and here I mean this huge sized sort – are really special berries. We get them here frozen, while our local cranberries are way smaller. They bring in some change after the black & red currants we have in abundance at our dacha. When I buy some of these giant cranberries, I try to find a recipe which will put them forward, so to say – that is a recipe which will not make them lost somewhere inside. An upside down cake is a good choice, I suppose. Some of the berries ‘survive’ in almost their integrity, well, almost. But they surely create this sweet&sour oooozy berry mesh or whatchamacallit.

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

Cranberry Upside Down Cake adapted from www.foodiewithfamily.com will make a zesty cranberry cake… especially if you add some orange zest to it 😉

I didn’t limit myself to adding some orange zest instead of vanilla, of course. As in the previous cake, I forgot about nutmeg although not about cinnamon. The orange zest is a nice thing when it’s all across the dough part of the cake – it provides extra zest, haha, but also some freshness, mm?

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

I chose to putting more sugar to the batter and less so to the bottom of the pan (that is, the berry part). The berries are not sweet, of course, but the amount I added to them seemed to me already quite enough. All in all, the process of making the cake was very enjoyable (if you understand!), spreading the slightly orange-y batter on top of the bloooooody red cranberries 😉 Well, I’m sure you understand – or just try making the cake. Don’t tell me you will deprive yourself of this:

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

{there was really a lot of cinnamon in the berry part}

And after all these sunny cakes… We need the real spring sun here even more! WANTED more of this colour:

orange zest

Had a very halara job interview today which changed for a day my perception of recruiters. Good.