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Peach, Apple, Plums and Banana: Pies and Rolls

I’ve just come back from another lap of my Northern trip – to Vologda and Arkhangelsk. Have to admit, the more to the north one goes in Russia, the tougher it gets… In all senses – in roads, people, facilities and food, of course. I didn’t even try sochni in Arkhangelsk (I will have time next time, in a month) but I did enjoy kefir and bread in Vologda! But the cities seem to be living just because once there was something, I mean, they seem to be using up the remainder of the past, even with the new buildings and stuff.

{my colleague ate these blini purses stuffed with chicken at a fast-food blini place. I was eating buckwheat groats with mushrooms served in a ceramic pots, just like that rice I did once}

As i was absent for one week, upon my returning the change in the nature was more vivid than when you do not leave the place. The colours are bright and varying but however the overall impression of heading towards winter is overwhelming…

I can’t believe this is actually the second autumn of my blog – the fact that I discovered after choosing ‘autumn’ tag for this post! And here it is, another year, another autumn and… another sweet thing I baked for my Granny’s birthday =) hmmm, it seems even now I’m still reticent to unveil the recipe of that tremendous sour cream and sweetened condensed milk cake my Granny usually makes for us, but I will… later, probably,) Although I was planning this post some weeks ago, here they are, the recipes of this first autumnal month.

A year agoNina’s vatrushka and Healthier Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Peach Pie adapted into Peach, Apple and Banana Pie is originally from I had some leftover dough. This is not a very sweet pie (although everything depends on your filling) but certainly very soft, tasty and oh so pretty =)

{The two small nuts are also from our garden}

I did like the dough, a real pleasure to bake! The dough is wonderful, really – flexible while you’re rolling it and then flaky and soft after baking! I added some cardamom to the crust and used more sugar. As for the filling, I didn’t have enough of the peaches, which were also canned, not fresh, so I boosted the filling with half banana and apples + some cardamom instead of vanilla.

{mmm, love that lattice top!}

The author suggests using the same crust for your type of filling, whatever you have on hand. The result – a great pie for birthday presents =)

And now more apples:

…there are small chunks of them in Apple Cinnamon Rolls adapted from – soft yeast rolls which are also great with… apple jam! =)

The changes here were minor, such as  adding ginger to the dough…

…and using mixed nuts in the filling.

There seemed to be an excess of sugar syrup somehow, it was dripping from the muffins and the paper cases got all soaked up. But it didn’t spoil the things, I just collected it while the syrup was still warm and runny and poured it over the muffins.

And yes, the plums were also abundant this year at our dacha. If this is the case with you too, to use your plums, try this recipe:

Plum and Coconut Muffins from – I omitted coconut essence and added cinnamon instead, also using a combination of milk + sugar syrup left from the canned peaches (see above), and instead of yogurt I poured in what I had in the fridge – ryazhenka! I made those muffins for my colleagues at the office but obviously left some at home for my parents;)

And just for the final note, here’s another pie:

Apple Tart from – the recipe is simple and gives place for improvising a bit =) For example, I used flax meal instead of cornstarch and also added such spices as nutmeg and cinnamon to the dough. I also had to use more sugar (both in the dough and the filling) and decrease the original 1/2 teaspoon salt to a pinch cause the apples here in the North are not that much sweet.

The scrapes of the dough remaining from rolling out the pastry I froze a bit and then grated over the apple filling.

The result: a classic apple pie that you can easily transform into a customized apple pie ;).

Have a nice weekend!



2 thoughts on “Peach, Apple, Plums and Banana: Pies and Rolls

  1. Пирог, понятное дело, для тех, кто не хочет есть много теста, а булочки – для тех, кто не отвлекается на начинки 🙂 Зато последний вариант – для всех разом!

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