Midsummer’s Black Currant Rhubarb Cake

Yes, it should have been Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake but the strawberries are now several jars of my Granny’s specialité varenje (confiture or jam)  … and the cake ended up as Midsummer’s Black Currant Rhubarb Cake and we do not regret it! =) It’s huge and it was also a wonderful way to use the forgotten rhubarb (grows in a remote place of our dacha garden) and the ALWAYS abundant black currant bushes. Look how they glitter in the sun, as if they were some metallic beads and not berries…

I’m in a hurry to make this post my midsummer one, so here is – briefly – the way to turn the Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake adapted from www.thegalleygourmet.net into this really tall and tasty Midsummer’s Black Currant Rhubarb Cake:

{you can see how the filling actually sank to the bottom but – believe me – there’s nothing wrong with it!}

so, for the filling I took some diced rhubarb but substituted strawberries with black currants, also adding some orange pieces as that was orange juice I used instead of  lemon juice. I also could not keep myself from adding some grated nutmeg and cinnamon to the filling…

{the slice of cake was so tall that it fell on its side while I was trying to make a photo of it}

as for the cake batter, I used less butter, boosting the health qualities of the delicious dessert by using two cups of allpurpose flour and one of whole wheat. I couldn’t – again – help myself not adding some nutmeg and cinnamon and ginger and cardamom… =) And instead of buttermilk, I made a weird combination of milk, kefir, sour cream and… even my Granny’s very runny RED currant jam! I also used the grated orange zest – you can see the specks all through the cake.

the only change to the topping was mixing in some cinnamon (just that, can you believe it?!)

As I decided to skip the lining of the pan with the baking parchment using the spring-form instead, the cake was not that easy to take out but after cooling down the process got easier somehow. You see above how the filling is close to the bottom, almost down there… But with a tasty piece of cake on top of it, the overall effect in your mouth is, well, haha, very nice =)

So if you’re craving for a tall scrumptious berry (fruit) cake, this is it! And don’t worry, if you still have all those strawberries, you can always use the original recipe =) 

Tomorrow a new week of job seeking, my oh my! And it’s already half of summer behind us (haha, an optimist would say there’s still half of it in front of us!).



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