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Fragrant Apple and Pear Tart

As promised – a post on more smart use of leftovers. Now we’re talking about pears dying in the fridge and some homemade apple preserves with an unknown date of production… Here’s what we’ll do:

Fragrant Apple and Pear Tart adapted from en.julskitchen.com – it will make a huge soft versatile pie, just like this:

For the recipe, just head to en.julskitchen.com. I will just tell you what I did to adapt this cake for my … leftovers =)

First, let’s deal with the shortcrust pastry –

as I don’t have white spelt flour, I just used the regular all purpose with some flaxmeal added.

I used about twice as less butter, so I had to add some cold kefir to make up for the liquid.

I also kept my dough more than 2 hours in the fridge. And by the way, you’ll get enough pastry for another pie! So, actually you will end up with more leftovers=) The second piece of dough is still waiting to be used in the fridge, wrapped in parchment paper. Let’s see what will come of it!

About the custard – no alterations. I just had to keep it in the fridge too, cause I was out of home for some time. Look how high the dough is, almost to the same height as the custard! And that was just half of the dough!

And finally about assembling the tart –

instead of apricot jam which I never have due to the absence of apricots in our dacha garden I used my Granny‘s apple preserves which were rather old. They were liquid + apple bits, so I just gathered all the bits and used them along with some liquid. I added some cinnamon to enhance the flavours.

Haha, then, instead of apples which I decided I’d rather eat raw, I used some quite toooo ripe pears. I even skipped peeling them, I was being a bit lazy=) This is how the original APPLE tart turned into an Apple AND Pear one. 

And a minor ‘instead’ – using brown instead of caster sugar.

I baked my tart in a large cast iron pan and it was quite easy to remove it from there when the tart was ready.

The result: The top got caramelised and when you bite in… mmmm, you get this mixture of a soft but definitely distinct dough, soft neutral custard, sweet apple preserves and – again – soft pears to finish the load!

I’ve made some strange everything-goes-inside courgette lasagne with homemade Fresh Herb Pasta (from kingarthurflour.com) – actually I got so fed up cutting the sheets into stripes that I ended up with making some lasagne sheets. By the way, I used the abundant greens we gathered at our dacha last time. After an overnight drying, the sheets and the stripes all went into my vegetarian lasagne – together with Adygea cheese + some leftover curd (tvorog) which I spread over the layer of fried grated courgettes + carrots + onion + garlic + spices. The next layer was ‘tomato sauce’ from two leftover tomato pastes + a new one + some dried basil =). I also grated some cheese on the top of this all. As I was lazy boiling the pasta before baking, I also added some water left over from boiling pasta, to ensure this strange layered thingy will cook through. I covered the pan with aluminium foil and switched the fan option of my oven. So, you see, a lot of leftovers went inside, thus creating some kind of ‘my-way’ lasagne. Hmm, this is what I love doing, I admit – using the available ingredients and making something out of them!

Ok, see you. Meanwhile, I will continue searching for a non-existing ideal job.



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