Short Post on Short Crusty Baguettes

My first summer post. A very short post. But what a taste! Soft inside, crunchy on the outside, yummy!

So here is another way to make home-made baguettes or ficelles, a thinner and shorter version of a traditional baguette:

Ficelles made with Anis Bouabsa’s Baguette Formula  just slightly adapted  from (there’s a 21h stay in the fridge for the dough so be prepared to some effort, but it’s worth it!):

The procedure is exactly the same as on the original blog, so here are just my changes:

  • along with 500 g of all purpose flour I added some recently found spelt bran – it was even sold with a discount, wohoo =)
  • as I put too little ice cubes in one of the pan, they melted down so quickly and the pan started steaming too much, I just took it away before putting the ficelles in the oven. I used the second pan for the steam though.

Thanks to the added bran, my bread is not white inside, but there these lovely holes and in the combination with a crunchy crust, mmmmm, the effect is amazing! The only thing with such thin baguettes is that you don’t get a proper SLICE to butter it heavily and put a slice of cheese on top (what my parents are used to).

Zoooooooooooooom in:

Today I got paid for my interpreting job at that blahblah famous theatre. For that I had to wait 40 mins in a queue with posh soloists mixed with stage technicians – all in one line to get paid on the first pay day! =) oh my, it’s just one of those things why you try to avoid soviet state enterprises under any of their appearances!

Played some table tennis just outside our windows. Need some exercise after all those baguettes =D



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