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Sour Rye Bread to Make Your Life Sweeter

Hello there, finally there’s time to share with you some more recipes. This post is about a very nice and simple sourdough bread, which combines both the crunchiness and crustiness of a classic sourdough bread and the softness and texture of a leavened bread loaf (yes, it contains a tiny bit of yeast!). I baked this one under the ‘black bread’ category (traditionally distinguished from the ‘white’ bread, the black bread is for lunch, dinner, that is, not for toasts, but to accompany your meals). The previous one, a very successful truly sourdough loaf disappeared =) Although this one is called Sour Rye, do not worry, it will on the contrary make your days a tiny bit sweeter, as your efforts and time spent on it will create two delicious loaves. With the added yeast, they can be easily classified as ‘white bread’ too (for breakfast and toasts).

Sour Rye adapted from will make 2 really crusty – outside – and amazingly soft – inside – loaves that will fill your kitchen with the most delicious aroma! ATTENTION: requires sourdough culture and overnight sponge (and thus – time…).


Sourdough Starter:

363 g rye flour
301 g water
17 g sourdough culture – I used my rye sourdough directly from the fridge, couldn’t tell how much is 17 g so took some indefinite amount=)

Final Dough:

633 g white all-purpose flour – I couldn’t keep myself from adding some rye bran
318 g water
17 g caraway seeds – I also crushed between my fingers some aniseeds plus added some ground coriander
17 g salt
3 g instant yeast
all of sourdough starter

{one loaf I made with black sesame, this turned out to be crustier than the other one}

Method (copied with my remarks)
Prepare the sourdough:
Dissolve the sourdough culture in the water. Mix in the rye flour until thoroughly combine. Let ripen 14-16 hours (I opted for 16 hours, although cannot remember the exact period. The sponge was very thick but after 16 hours it got quite puffy inside).

{the other loaf I made with pumpkin seeds; of course my parents started with this one, the softer loaf=) }

Final dough preparation:
Mix all final dough ingredients together. Knead until a medium-level of gluten development has been achieved (Hmmmmm =) ). Let rise for 2 hours and 15 minutes with a fold at 45 and 90 minutes. Divide the dough into two pieces. Shape into batards (roughly – ovals) or boules (rounds). (I decided to add black sesame to one loaf and pumpkin seeds to the other). Let rise for another 60 minutes. (I also slashed my loaves and topped with some flour for a more dramatic effect=)

Bake at 215 ‘C for 15 minutes with steam (I put a cast iron skillet on the bottom and poured in some water – all this before baking) and another 30 minutes without. Turn off the oven and leave loaves in with the door cracked for another 10 minutes (I left the baking process under the surveillance of my Dad, everything went smoothly although he said he was afraid those extra 10  minutes gave the bread a rather alarming dark brown colour. But actually the crust is just wonderful! and the inside crumb is oh sooo soft). Remove from oven and let loaves cool completely on a wire rack before eating (we also cover the bread with a flax fibre towel which is supposed to take in the surpluses of moisture).

The result…:

See ya!


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