Sourdough Pancakes, as Promised

As promised (yes, quite a lot of days before) – pancakes! These are not traditionally Russian, as taken from King Arthur Flour website, one of my favourite sources for recipes, nor will you bake them as quick as … pancakes=), I mean, to make them was quite easy but there’s overnight sponge, so be prepared for some efforts!

And one more thing… I will be officially UNEMPLOYED (oooooooooooooooooooooooooh) from 15th March. Now on my own request, so to say. I just could not stay there any more, I need to be active, to grow, to think… and I guess there’ll be a long and difficult period before I really find ANYTHING. Haha, today I also got FIRED (he used the word DISMISSED) even without being actually EMPLOYED! =) after such a treat, and also after two days at that posh store+restaurant I decided to keep FAR FAR FAR away from such a world. I felt as if I was back to the Russian 90s, really. So here we go again, off to a new search of an ideal workplace!

But the good thing is… the spring is slowly on its way to us, right???

The recipe is for waffles too, but I don’t have the device, so here are the pancakes (actually, more like French crepes, because in Russian blini = crepes and pancakes are small and thick, and what I wanted were CREPES, so I used the batter for larger crepe-like pancakes).

Classic Sourdough Pancakes  adapted from – will take time to prepare but the result will be a pile of chewy thick pancakes! ATTENTION: needs sourdough starter + a total of about 13 hours to make… I’m copying the recipe

Overnight sponge

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 Tbs sugar
  • 2 cups buttermilk – I made mine by mixing kefir and milk
  • 1 cup sourdough starter, unfed – I used my rye sourdough that you should already know well=)
  • all of the overnight sponge
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil or melted butter – I used sunflower oil
  • 3/4 tsp salt – I added less as I know my starter to be quite salty (without any salt in it…), but my parents said some more salt could be just right
  • 1 tsp baking soda

Pancake batter

1) To make the overnight sponge, stir down your refrigerated starter, and remove 1 cup.

2) In a large mixing bowl, stir together the 1 cup starter, flour, sugar, and buttermilk.

3) Cover and let rest at room temperature overnight.

4) In a small bowl or mixing cup, beat together the eggs, and oil or butter. Add to the overnight sponge.

5) Add the salt and baking soda, stirring to combine. The batter will bubble! (Wooohooo, at this stage you will have a very strange mixture which will then turn into this, especially after adding soda!)

6) Pour batter onto your preheated griddle. (Here you can surely make pancakes, but if you manage to quickly turn the pan, you’ll get crepes. The batter will be quite thick and resisting any further spreading).

add some butter…

stack them one on top of another with an obligatory buttering between crepes… and enjoy!

Result: Perfect warm or keep them in fridge covered for a nice breakfast (you can warm them up a bit with a slice of cheese in a microwave, for example). Or eat them warm with some chocolate mousse, as my parents did=)

Forgot to say, that today is far from Pancake Day, of course, we’re celebrating Women’s Day here in Russia. So, les femmes, all the best to you!



2 thoughts on “Sourdough Pancakes, as Promised

  1. I dont understand the Blini explanation??? How you make russian blinis? With what you eat them? Dont worry about jobs…is terrible everywhere but we can survive…maybe in China.

    1. Blini in Russian are the same as French crepes, they are large and not that thick. But out of Russia the word ‘blini’ means small pancakes, thick and very much like American pancakes. So this is it=) we eat our blini with whatever we like, either with honey/jam/sour cream/etc or just butter, or with meat, caviar etc. or just σκέτο =))))))
      yeah, we will survive!

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